We Behave Professionally At All Times

June 21, 2024

We Behave With 100% Professionalism In
Every Single Customer Interaction

It’s Why Our Roofing Clients
Love To Work With Us

When you are in the market for a reputable residential or commercial roofing service in Cypress, TX, your best bet is to work with us at Houston Roofing. We behave professionally at all times and deliver top-flight results and handiwork.

In fact, professionalism is one of the four core values that guide our every step. We follow these timeless principles through every project to keep us on the right track:

  • Integrity
  • Education
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

Professionalism involves exhibiting the competence, skill, attitudes, and behaviors you’d expect of a roofing industry professional.

Since we adhere to such standards, you can expect us to complete your project with courtesy, expertise, and timeliness, whether you’ve hired us for a minor roof repair or a full roof replacement.

Professionalism Matters!

The main reason we insist on professionalism from ourselves and our employees is that clients expect it. Roofing customers simply won’t accept slapdash workmanship, sloppy dress, or unreliable behavior.

They expect workers to arrive on time and perform high-grade work.

Customers want someone they can depend on who looks respectable and does it right or not at all. They want to be treated with courtesy and respect, and they want us to treat their homes and businesses with that same courtesy.

That’s why we included professionalism in our list of guiding principles. It’s been a fundamental core value from the outset, and it has served us well. Customers consistently mention our professional demeanor and behavior in the reviews they leave.

They cite it as a key reason they will work with us again or why they recommend us to acquaintances who need water damage repair.

Our professionalism makes itself known in several important ways.

We Stand By Our Work

We are proud to have received Master Elite Certification from GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing products in North America. We’ve also garnered Emerald Pro Certification from Malarkey, another well-respected U.S. roofing manufacturer.

These certifications are like badges of honor reserved for those who have a solid history of installing GAF and Malarkey products with skill and excellence.

Being certified also lets us offer the manufacturers’ most comprehensive roof warranties.

Additionally, we offer workmanship warranties on everything we do. If a problem ever arises from our work, simply contact us and we’ll arrive within days to fix the issue – at no cost or risk to you.

We make your comfort and satisfaction our highest priority. When you work with us, we give you a detailed overview of everything the warranty covers before we complete your installation.

We Keep You In The Loop

Professionalism demands that we communicate with customers fully and clearly. We keep you in the loop throughout every step of the project. You’ll always know how the job is progressing, whether we’ve hit any snags, and if we’ve had to make recent adjustments.

We take time to address your questions, and we’re happy to solicit your input. We assign a dedicated project manager to your case, and they’ll guide you through the job from start to finish.

Your project manager acts as your single point of contact, so you always know whom to call for information and updates.

We Mean Business

Texas does not require roofing contractors to become licensed before practicing, but we have chosen voluntary licensing through the Roofing Contractors of Texas (RCAT).


So you’ll know we mean business. We’ve submitted ourselves to an independent industry organization that vouches for our safety, quality, and integrity.

Each of our A+ roofers dresses and behaves professionally, too. They wear clean clothing and maintain a tidy appearance. Their uniforms bear our logo and their names, while their vehicles are clean and well-kept and also feature our logo.

Professionalism drives every move we make, whether it’s the behavior of our team or the clothes we wear. It lets you know we’re serious about our work and are determined to satisfy you with our results.

So, if you need roofing service in Cypress, TX, work with a contractor that always behaves professionally. Contact Houston Roofing & Construction today to schedule a free consultation.

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