We Don’t Use Salesmen

October 10, 2022

What Separates Houston Roofing Project
Managers From The Crowd?

Knowledge Is Only
The First Step

When you invite a Houston area home contractor to your home for an assessment, the person they send is sometimes referred to as a Project Manager(PM), but in most cases this is a salesperson. Typically, this person is an independent contractor, and will not be the person overseeing your project. You may never see them again after this first meeting.

At Houston Roofing and Construction, we don’t just hand over a ladder and a polo shirt and send the person on their way – our Project Managers live up to their title. When you meet one of our PMs, you’ll know they will be with you from beginning to end.

We feel that education is an essential part of our job, so we take the time to ensure our Project Managers receive the training they need to give our customers what they need most – an honest advocate.

Learning The Ropes Of Roofing

As part of their training, our project managers study the industry, shadow senior Project Managers on roof inspections, roof replacements and roof repairs. This is a rare thing for most of our competitor’s sales teams. In many roofing companies, there is a competitive atmosphere. Our office is much more collaborative, and our customers directly benefit. You can trust that the cumulative knowledge of our building is represented by your project manager.

Our Project Managers have experienced every stage of the roof replacement process and learned all there is to know about roof designs, how they fail, and what it takes to make a roof that will last decades.

They’ll also know our manufacturers and the warranties we can provide, to ensure you find the best solution. We make certain that they have every bit of knowledge they need to guide you through the process smoothly.

We also meet as an entire team once a week to discuss any lessons learned, new roofing or safety education, and look at project photos. This helps us to constantly learn and work as a cohesive group.

In the end, they can answer any question you might have about roofing. More importantly, they’ll also know what questions to ask to ensure you get the look and performance you want from your new roof.

True Roofing Professionals

Demeanor is important when walking into someone’s home, and our Project Managers know to act accordingly. They are, in fact, professional to their core.

They will treat you, your family, and your home with the utmost respect throughout their visit and every day that follows.
A big part of their professionalism is responsiveness. If you call with a question, they’ll have an answer for you immediately or know where to find the answer in a hurry. They will also ensure that you are never surprised by new developments by always keeping you informed.

When it comes to your roof replacement order, they will follow up to ensure everything is on track. And if anything isn’t on track – a regrettable reality in these days of supply shortages – you’ll be their first call.

We aren’t pushy. Our job is to educate you on your roof and the available solutions – not pressure you to sign.

In fact, as true Houston Roofing and Construction employees (instead of the 1099 contractors most roofing contractors use), they aren’t reliant upon sales to feed their families. They exist to offer solutions first and sales second.

Active Client Advocates

With most contractors in the Houston roofing industry, you’ll never speak to the person who gets your signature again. Once you sign, their job is done.

That’s not so when you partner with Houston Roofing and Construction. Our Project Managers are exactly what they say; the ones who manage your project.

If you need clarification on your project – call your PM.

If you want to know the installation window – call your PM.

If there’s a problem with the installation crew – call your PM.

And if it’s years later, and you have a warranty issue – yes, call your PM.

Whatever you need from us, you have one number to dial. Your Project Manager will be your advocate before, during, and after your roof replacement is complete.

If you need the roof of your Houston area home replaced and want someone who’ll be by your side through everything, contact us at Houston Roofing and Construction for a free inspection and estimate.

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