Houston Roofing & Construction INSISTS On Checking Every Box

February 25, 2022

We’re The Roofing Company That ALWAYS Pays Attention To Detail

Are you a Houston homeowner in need of a roof replacement? Here’s something you might not know: all roofers are not equal. 

There are roofers who will cut any corner they can to save a few dollars. Other roofers overlook important details because they’re careless, ignorant, or understaffed. Regardless of the reason, when you hire a roofing company – there’s simply no way to guarantee that your roof will be put on exactly the way you want it. 

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we’re extremely focused on the details. When it comes to roof replacement, one small detail can be the difference between a roof that lasts for life and a roof that will give out in a few years.

Here are some examples of corners we don’t cut.

Out With The Old, In With The New

You’d be surprised how many roofers will slap a new roof on top of your old one. That’s like putting a new bandage over an old one. You have no idea what’s going on underneath. There can be all kinds of things going on under your old roof – like rotted decking and improper ventilation – but your roofer won’t know about it if they don’t tear off your old roof.

That’s why, at Houston Roofing & Construction, even though GAF doesn’t always require it, we always remove your old roof before putting on your new shingles. This way, we can thoroughly inspect your decking to spot and replace any rotted areas, and we can make sure your vents and valleys are properly flashed.

Gutters Matter

Gutters are an often overlooked part of your roof – but they’re an essential part of your roof’s drainage system. For most of our roof replacement projects, we take the extra step of detaching and resetting the gutters. This way, we can prevent them from being dented or scratched in the process of replacing your roof.

Landscape Protection

tarps protecting landscaping during roof replacement by Houston Roofing and Construction

Professionalism and accountability are two of the core values we live by. Respecting your property is an extension of these principles and isn’t something we take lightly. When you trust us to replace your roof, you’re trusting us with your property – and we do everything we can to keep your landscape pristine. 

A roof replacement is a messy business. That’s why we have systems in place that prevent the mess from disrupting your landscape. We use tarps and plywood to catch falling debris and trash. To catch anything our tarp missed, our project manager will always comb through your lawn with a magnet to pick up stray nails.

Shingles: Four or Six?

Who cares how many nails your roofing contractor uses? Anyone looking for a sturdy roof replacement absolutely should care. 

Manufacturer guidelines only require six nails per shingle in specific high wind areas. But Houston Roofing & Construction uses six nails per shingles for every roofing project. When we put on your new roof, we want it to be as sturdy as possible. 

Roof Penetrations

Your roof needs to have penetrations for your chimney, vents, and other equipment – but those areas are automatically more vulnerable to water intrusion. Valleys on your roof will also leave areas open to water penetration.

For this reason, waterproof flashing needs to be carefully installed around penetrations and valleys. Often the flashing in these areas is worn down and needs to be replaced – but many roofing companies will look the other way. This can potentially lead to water intrusion and can ultimately void your warranty.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we know how important it is for the vulnerable spots on your roof to be fully waterproof. We always inspect for faulty flashing and replace anything that’s not doing the job well.

Bottom Line

When replacing your roof, details matter– and we pay attention to every single one. Contact Houston Roofing & Construction for a free inspection today. 

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