We Offer A Diverse Range Of Products At Houston Roofing

March 21, 2023

We Heard The Call For Manufacturer Diversity
At Houston Roofing And Came Running!

We Don’t Let Products Choose
Us – We Choose Them

The Houston roofing industry is overrun by roofing installation companies and roofing product manufacturers. As a result, it has become even more essential to choose dependable, long-lasting, and best-value products and solutions. It feels like everyone is claiming they’re “the best” these days.

With such a flood of options, Houston homeowners can find it challenging to weed out the bad ones and hone in on quality.

Many Houston roofers fall into a cycle where they become manufacturer complacent and don’t stop to vet other products or solutions that would benefit their homeowners.

And preferring to simply continue to choose the cheapest product or solution does not always equal the best value for homeowners.

Low-cost roofing may sound great at first, but cheap products tend to break down quickly, leaving your home exposed to the elements and vulnerable to damage.

We continuously vet our roofing products at Houston Roofing & Construction, ensuring our customers get dependable, quality products on every rung of the cost ladder.

Plus, no matter what product we install, we do it using proven, superior techniques that completely protect your home.

Quality products with exceptional warranties.

Expert installations.

It’s hard to go wrong with that combo.

Why We Choose Products From
Multiple Manufacturers

The manufacturers they back and the products they sell, says a lot about a roofing company. Some Houston roofing contractors stay unwavering supporters of one brand, while others have no allegiance to any manufacturer.

Though loyalty may sound like an admirable trait, this isn’t always the case in the roofing industry. It’s great to research products and whittle down those results to the best of the best.

But once contractors commit entirely to one brand, they can find themselves in dangerous territory.

We definitely have our preferences and favorites at Houston Roofing & Construction, but we’ve widened our options to include everything from budget-friendly to state-of-the-art.

Like our products, we value our customers equally and believe everyone deserves the incredible advantages of a steller roof.

You can expect our total, expert installation treatment regardless of your chosen product.

Products Are Great, But It’s All
About The Installation

Roofing companies can offer the highest quality, top-tier products on the market, but if they’re installed incorrectly, the product quality means nothing.

Luxury products can fail early, and low-cost products can outlive their warranty all based on the quality of the installation they received.

This is where many roof contractors go wrong. They think they can get away with slapping a high-dollar shingle on your roof and call it a day. But quality doesn’t work like that.

We install our products to perfection each time, whether from our Pure Value line, our always-reliant GAF collection, or our top-performing Malarkey line.

From our underlayment to our flashing, we tailor each of our installations specifically to your roof, giving your roof all the tools it needs for maximum longevity.

Vetted Products + Tailored Installations =
Incredible Results At Houston Roofing

Do you know what’s better than being rigid and stuck in your ways? – being adaptable and open-minded. That’s just what we are at Houston Roofing & Construction. In this ever-changing world and industry, flexibility is the difference between withering and thriving.

When roofers stay stuck on one product or method, their customers suffer. If contractors can’t meet the call of demand, they will likely wither away, unable to accommodate their customers.

In these changing times, we listen at Houston Roofing so we can always remain relevant and knowledgeable. In this day and age of high inflation, we recognize the need to be malleable and grow alongside our customers.

If you’re in need of a new roof for your Houston home and are ready to work with a caring and expert company, contact us at Houston Roofing & Construction for a free inspection and estimate.

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