We Stand By Your Side In Roof Replacement Prep And Cleanup

March 3, 2023

We’ll Be By Your Side To Aid In Securing Your
Home Before The First Nail Is Ever Removed

And Won’t Leave Until The Last Nail Is Picked Up

By the time a minimum-effort Houston roofer gets a roof replacement underway and starts pulling shingles off your home with gusto, they will have already failed to perform a massively vital task.

Protecting your property, home, and family.

Imagine this – removing and then disposing of over 2,000 pounds of raw roofing material. It’s bound to produce a stray nail or two.

That’s why prudent roofers understand the essential need for a strict preparation routine. While others… well. They just roll in like a storm from the west and begin tearing up your home without so much as a courtesy tarp over a single bush.

At Houston Roofing and Construction, we take the proper precautions for your home before and after the job – and have it down to a science.

And then comes the cleanup.

Is your contractor promising to stick around and give a thorough sweep of your entire property before galloping off into the sunset?

If not – and we’ll just be blunt – reconsider who you choose for a roofer.

The clean-up is absolutely vital. So we thoroughly take care of the “aftermath,” if you will.

Because no matter the level of preparation even the most far-sighted roofers have, stray roofing bits always find a way to sneak out of the protected perimeter.

But because we’ve got both proper prep and cleanup down pat by now – it comes naturally, so you barely even have to think about it.

The “Before” Stuff – Batten Down The Hatches

A roof replacement can be notoriously complicated for your home and your surrounding neighbors’ properties. We’re referring to those infamous “zero-lot” lines. You know, the ones where there is zero space between your property and your neighbor’s property?

Most roofers run and hide from those close-quarter types of roofing replacements after the first inspection (which in roofer-speak translates to simply not returning your calls). But we come prepared for battle.

It’s always in our and our clients’ best interest to go overboard when preparing. So we give you a detailed brochure reminding you of everything you should do before we begin work.

Some of your responsibilities might include:

  • Ensuring your pets will have a safe place to remain, even if that means off-premises, and especially not venturing into the yard for the entire roof replacement and cleanup.
  • Taking all valuables hanging on the walls down and storing them in a safe location (vibrations from nailing can cause them to shift or fall).
  • Keeping your children within arms reach throughout the project, as there might be an unexpected stray nail on the ground before our official cleanup.

And then, even more important, some of our responsibilities include:

  • Thoroughly covering your landscaping with tarps and other protective barriers.
  • Strategically positioning the dumpster in an optimum location for quick and easy discarding of materials.
  • Making all neighbors aware of our work, so they’re not taken aback by the disruption it might cause them.

These might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to see how many roofers conveniently “skip” over these important considerations.

With Houston Roofing & Construction, we put our full effort into every step of the entire roofing project, leaving nothing to chance.

The “After” Stuff – When The
Storm Comes To A Calm

Now that your Houston roof is replaced – and everything went off without a hitch – the work is almost, but not quite done.

We know it might be a little weird to hear a roofer say this – but we want to stick around after completing your roof replacement. Because, trust us when we say –it’s needed.

While you’re enjoying the sight of your gorgeous new Houston roof, we’ll be scanning the ground for any debris that may have gotten away. There’s no easy way around this part of the job – it takes patience, diligence, and a nifty tool called a “metal broom.”

It might make us look a little crazy for a time – as if we’re meticulously mowing your lawn with a silent lawnmower. But it’s, bar-none, the most thorough method for ensuring all nails and other dangerous metal pieces are completely removed from your property.

After we do this, your dedicated Project Manager will do another thorough spot-check and then even (with their permission) inspect your neighbor’s property.

Because unless you and your neighbors are satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

From Takeoff To Landing, We’re The Crew Who
Will Safely Get You To “Destination Dreamroof”

If you’ve been mulling over getting roof replacement in Houston, and want it done safely by a highly-recommended crew that cares about your whole experience, contact Houston Roofing & Construction for a free roof inspection and estimate today.

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