We Turned To Malarkey

May 20, 2024

We Wanted More For Our Houston Clients –
So We Turned To Malarkey Roofing

There’s No Better, More Sustainably-
Made Shingle On The U.S. Market

During the global pandemic of the early part of this decade, many Houston businesses were shut down, and the roofing industry faced serious supply chain interruptions. These often delayed our emergency roof repair projects and affected our ability to provide quality products in a timely manner.

So, we sought help elsewhere and eventually decided to represent Malarkey Roofing Products.

If you aren’t familiar, Malarkey is a U.S. manufacturer of shingles, underlayments, and roofing systems with manufacturing locations in Oregon, California, Oklahoma, and Maryland. Founded in 1956, it has long been among the industry’s most respected manufacturers.

Although we first chose them to help us through the pandemic, we soon realized they offered a lot. They provide matchless products, on-time deliveries, and comprehensive warranties.

That’s why our team of A+ roofers enthusiastically agreed to permanently add them to our roster of roofing material suppliers.

A Dazzling Array Of Quality Goods

Malarkey makes and sells a wide assortment of roofing materials that help us better serve our customers.

Their roofing systems are designed so that each component fits precisely with the next to offer the finest moisture protection your building could want. That means no leaks, no fuss, and no unnecessary maintenance.

We proudly represent these products and install them in our customers’ homes. They are of the highest quality, and the company stands by their work with a terrific warranty period that can run for decades. This covers actual manufacturing defects and normal conditions of intended use.

We were surprised by the breadth and depth of Malarkey’s offerings. Once we did our research, we knew this new product partner would help us solve and better address customer issues and needs.

1. Both Residential And Commercial Products

One key reason we’ve partnered with Malarkey is that they manufacture both residential and commercial roofing products. These let us tackle the problems of ALL our customers.

Whether your home is missing shingles due to high winds or your business’s flat roof membrane has suffered storm damage, Malarkey has the products we need to make things right for you.

For one example, their 620 Paragon® ULTRA TG Base/Ply is a torch-applied, modified asphalt sheet designed for low-slope commercial roofs. Its main benefits are that it expands and contracts without melting or cracking and tolerates the extreme heat and cold of changing seasons.

For another, the Legacy® Scotchgard™ residential shingle offers resilience against all types of weather. It boasts a Class 4 hail impact rating and includes mineral granules that not only protect against UV damage but reduce algae and help clean the air of pollutants.

Houston Roofing and Construction is elated to have these new arrows in our quiver. They make us more versatile, help us serve you better, and offer customers extraordinary satisfaction.

2. The Most Popular Shingle Styles

Malarkey manufactures shingles in the industry’s two most popular styles.


Designer shingles offer a great deal of curb appeal. They are slightly thicker and more three-dimensional than traditional shingles and mimic the appearance of a slate roof. They make your roof stand out in comparison to other asphalt styles.

Because they are bigger and thicker than traditional shingles, they are more durable and often used for high-end projects. This is why they are also known as
“luxury shingles.


Architectural shingles, also called “dimensional” or “laminated” shingles, feature a fiberglass mat, ceramic-coated granules, and a textured design. These are laminated together to make them look like more expensive materials such as cedar shake, slate, or clay tile, but at much less cost.

3. Extraordinary Accessories

Our partnership with Malarkey also gives us access to various extraordinary roofing accessories. These include the following:

  • Starter shingles
  • Low-slope cap sheets
  • Ice and water barriers
  • Hip and ridge shingles
  • Shingle underlayments
  • Low-slope base/ply sheets

Ice and water barriers are rubberized underlays that protect your roof from water damage caused by rain and melting snow. They create a watertight seal that repels water and prevents leaks, making them invaluable in areas prone to severe weather or ice dams. The other accessories are also essential.

The variety of materials we can access through a Malarkey partnership gives us considerable flexibility when addressing customer needs and concerns. Whatever your issue, we have the materials to handle it.

The Perfect Fit

Malarkey Roofing Products make it easy to provide excellent results to our customers and mesh perfectly with the values we hold dear at Houston Roofing and Construction. We’ve always tried to minimize our impact on the environment, and sustainably made roofing materials were the one piece we couldn’t find.

Now, with Malarkey’s roofing systems, we can take pride in reducing our impact while giving our clients a superior product at a fair price.

So, if you need roofing service, work with a contractor who cultivates invaluable partnerships. Contact Houston Roofing in the Woodlands to request a free quote.

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