We’re Not Afraid To Tell Our Roofing Customers “No”

September 14, 2023

Afraid To Tell You “No”

At Houston Roofing & Construction, Our “No”s
Come With A Side Of Honesty

Many Houston roofing companies are downright scared to tell their customers “no.” And why shouldn’t they be? They risk losing potential roofing jobs and turning away future clients. Plus, they might not even know any better themselves.

But at Houston Roofing & Construction, we tell our customers “no” all the time – just maybe not in the ways you’d expect.

And guess what?

Our customers tend to appreciate our honest declarations! From our “no” pricing games to our “no” cover-up installations, here are the surprising ways we tell our customers “no.”

Surprising Ways We Might Tell You “No”

  • “No” Cover-Up Installations

We’ve encountered this situation multiple times: A homeowner thinks they only need a quick shingle repair. However, once we assess the problem area ourselves, we notice underlying damage that requires a bit more time and materials to fix than the client expected.

So what do we do?

We inform the homeowner of our findings and explain how the proper repair involves more than just a shingle replacement. Though it’s not something anybody wants to hear, it’s the truth, and we can’t, in good conscience, simply cover up the problem.

If the customer is unwilling to budge, we must tell them “no.” We just can’t bring ourselves to do shoddy repairs we know will fail shortly after that or lead to more significant issues down the line.

  • No” Surprise Quotes

No customer wants to play pricing games or discover hidden surprises in their quotes, but it happens. Some other roofing contractors seem to have no problem sneaking “gotchas” into their quotes.

But to this behavior…we say “NO.”

We don’t play that game here. Instead, our Project Managers use their expert knowledge and 12+ years of roofing experience to fully inspect your roof and give you the most accurate and comprehensive quote possible. This is our surefire way of eliminating any pricing surprises.

  • “No” Ambiguity

Here’s a hard truth – some roofing contractors use your lack of expert roofing knowledge against you. 

At Houston Roofing, we don’t take advantage of our customers’ possible lack of roofing knowledge. After all, unless you are a roofing professional yourself, why would you have an expert understanding?

Instead, we take photos and thoroughly document any roofing damage. And then, we sit with you and help you understand what repairs are needed. We also review your quote with you so you know EXACTLY what is included and what you are paying for.

  • “No” Lemons

We don’t get it, but some competitors are okay installing roofing products they know won’t last. But here, we don’t do that. No matter your budget, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the high-quality roofing products you deserve.

We know not every Houston home requires the same protection or look. So we offer roof replacement and roof repair products from different manufacturers and make suggestions based on your unique needs. 

And regardless of what those suggestions may be, you can rest assured they’ll ALWAYS be dependable, reliable, and durable.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, Our “No”s
Lead To A Whole Lot Of “Yes”s

While other roofing contractors may hesitate to tell their Houston customers “no,” we know when to say “no” and when to say “yes.” And unlike the guys whose lack of discernment might leave you with compromised roofing results, we use our judgment wisely.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, our 12+ years of industry experience have equipped us with the understanding and confidence to give you the honest assessments you deserve. And with an accurate assessment, you can bet on exceptional roofing results. 

When you’re ready to work with an honest, skilled, and experienced roofing professional who is not scared to tell you “no,” we’re ready to help. Call Houston Roofing & Construction today for a free quote!

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