What Happens If You Ignore A Leaky Roof

May 19, 2022

If You Spot ANY Of These Warning Signs,
Get A Roof Inspection Before It’s Too Late

Any time there is damage to your residential or commercial roof, it can be a recipe for disaster if you take no action to correct this damage. A leaky roof can happen to anyone, whether the roof has aged out or there is damage from a storm. When leaks happen it is only a small amount of time before this greatly affects your Houston, TX home.

5 Things That Happen If You Put Off Leaky Roof Repair

If a leaky roof is not detected or you keep putting off this roof repair or replacement, there are several disasters that can happen inside your home.

1. Structural Damage

Structural damage often happens when a leaky roof has been present for a prolonged period of time. In the case of structure damage, this can result in the roof falling in. This is severe damage that makes the entire home unstable and unlivable.

2. Mold

When a leak meets the humidity of Houston, TX, this can be a breeding ground for mold. Mold may not be seen in your home, but it could be present in the spaces above your ceilings. Mold is often referred to as a silent killer, and for good reason.

Breathing in mold for long periods of time can result in major respiratory issues, headaches, and other health issues. It is not healthy at all to be in a home infested with mold.

3. Possible Fire Hazard

While most people think of a leaky roof in terms of how this affects the structure, the walls, floors, and the like, this can also pose a fire hazard. If a leak were to reach the electrical wiring inside the home, this sets up the potential for wires to short and burst into flames.

4. Increased Energy Bills

A leaky roof can result in higher energy bills. Why is this? When water starts to seep into the insulation of a home, this results in the insulation no longer doing its job.

For this reason, your home basically functions as though there is no insulation. This allows conditioned air to escape.

5. Short Life Expectancy For Roof

When any leak is allowed to continue, this is going to affect the life expectancy of your roof. While roofs have varying life expectancies, depending upon the material, a leak is going to cut this dramatically if allowed to continue.

Why People Put Off Fixing Leaks

With all the ways in which a leaky roof can cause damage to your home, why do so many people put this issue off?

  • They believe that leaky roof repair will be expensive, and they worry that a replacement is going to cost them even more. However, the cost of what this leak will do to a home could cost more than that!
  • In many cases, homeowners simply don’t know. See, a roof leak can happen, and you may not know until there is considerable damage to the structure. This is why it is important to take a look at your roof every few months and especially after a storm, to see if there is any visual damage.
  • They are afraid to make a claim on their insurance to have their roof repaired, as they fear this will increase their rates. Remember, your insurance is there to be used when you meet the requirements of your policy. Houston Roofing & Construction can help you understand if a claim is necessary.

First Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

Understanding the signs that point to your roof leaking is important.

  • A discolored area of the ceiling is a huge sign that a leak is present. This is often a yellowish or brownish color or even black if this has been leaking for a while. This is often one of the first signs that people notice.
  • Paint or wallpaper has started to bubble on the walls. This signals that water is leaking behind the walls and is blistering the paint.
  • A visual of the roof may show that there are shingles blowing up, curled, or even gone. This is often one of the first ways to detect whether the roof is in need of roof repair.
  • Cracks are being seen between where the ceiling meets the walls.
  • Your home may smell damp and mildew-like. This is often a sign for many people that water is somehow in the home, with a leaking roof being the most likely culprit.

Being aware of these signs can help you to determine that leaky roof repair is needed before it becomes a drastic issue inside your home.

Leaky Roof Repair By The Professionals

What do you do if you notice the signs of a leaking roof? It is time to call the professionals! Here at Houston Roofing & Construction, you are in good hands!

When we approach your home, we will:

  • Perform a very detailed roof inspection and give a free estimate for the roof, determining if you need a leaky roof repair or a complete replacement.
  • Find the exact location of where this leak is happening.
  • Help determine if you should contact your insurance agent to see if it can be covered by your policy.

Remember, if you know that a leak is happening, don’t put off a leaky roof repair. If you do, you could face a fire, your roof collapsing, mold being breathed in, and increased energy bills. These are all huge risks to take when a roofing contractor can make your roof new again.

Contact us today to have your roof inspected with a free estimate to ensure that leaky roofs do not have lasting effects on your home.

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