What Is Flashing On The Roof And What Is Its Purpose

February 4, 2022

What Is Flashing On The Roof And What Is Its Purpose

You may have heard of flashing when you were searching for information about your roof or because you have noticed a leak.  It’s important to understand why roofers install flashing, its purpose, and what can happen to it over time.  Houston Roofing and Construction professionals are experts in roof repair and also educated on flashing, roof replacement, and helping you keep your roof fully functional and beautiful.  Flashing is a large part of what Houston Roofing and Construction does to keep your roof functional and to prevent leaks from making their way into your home.  But, what exactly is flashing, and what is its purpose?

The Purpose Of Flashing

Flashing is a way of waterproofing your roof and keeping your home safe from leaks and damage.  It is used on several parts of your roof and can be installed in both the slopes and valleys as well. If you take a look up at your roof, you may notice that you have vents and skylights in some cases.  Well, flashing is also installed in those areas as well, and it is an essential part of ensuring that your home is well taken care of. 

Because flashing is made up of thin metal pieces installed beneath the shingles of your roof, they can fit between the joints of the roof and can be exposed or concealed depending on where they are.  On top of your roof, if you look up, you may see a long strip of sheet metal on your roof, and this would be considered flashing.  Sometimes, there will be a rubber coating on top of the flashing, which would be considered a concealed flashing.  Flashing is truly there to make sure your roof is sealed and weatherproofed. 

Several Types of Flashing

Flashing comes in many forms, but the most popular is steel.  The reason steel is used is because it is galvanized and can last for a long period of time, however, when it comes to certain types of roofs, aluminum may be chosen instead as it is easy to work with as well as durable.  Some flashing is made of copper or stainless steel, and it really does depend on the roof as it could be commercial or residential. Houston Roofing and Construction takes the time to assess your roof and the materials currently being used.  This, along with the types of storms and climate we live in, will help us to determine which flashing is the best type for your home. Sometimes, copper roof flashing is used because of its malleability and the ability for copper to be soldered. 

What Happens Over Time

Now, flashing can crack.  This is when you may start to notice leaks and issues.  Sometimes, roof installers do not install the flashing right.  Sometimes, tar is used in order to create a seal in the flashing to keep it together.  Because of passing storms, heat, and wind, tar can become exposed, which will corrode.  Sometimes, this is noticeable if you are pulling up into your driveway and see something amiss on your roof.  However, Houston Roofing often finds that homeowners will notice a leak and call for a roof inspection. During this time, Houston Roofing finds leaks in flashing in the valleys and slopes of your roof that can be assessed and corrected. 

Houston Roofing provides free roof inspections to make sure that your flashing is sealed and that there are no issues with the tar.  Houston Roofing also takes the time to make sure that the rest of your roof is in working order, and if there are repairs that must be made to either the roof or the flashing, Houston Roofing can provide an estimate to you and a timeline.  A solid warranty is provided, and because Houston Roofing takes the time to truly make sure our craftsman and installers are trained and licensed, we repair your roof in the highest-quality way possible.  Remember, we have experience with residential and commercial roofing work, so we only use the best products available.  

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