What is Included During a Roof Repair

January 8, 2022

What is Included During a Roof Repair

Roof repair is a process that will affect most of us in our lives, but it’s important to know what is included with a roof repair project. Houston Roofing is an expert roof repair company that will help you select the right roof for your home, give you a free estimate, and also discuss everything that is included with your roof repair. A large part of the process can also include the insurance company, and the people at Houston Roofing are experts at educating you about the insurance process and filing claims with our licensed professionals. Roof repair does not have to be a stressful process, and Houston Roofing can make it a welcoming and professional job that can be completed sometimes within one day.

So, What Exactly Is Included During A Roof Repair?

It all depends on the cause of the roof damage. Many companies out there will only be focused on replacing the entire roof, but sometimes a roof repair is all that is needed. During your free estimate, Houston Roofing will discover the cause of the damage and what is needed to repair your roof.

Some roof repairs will be focused on certain aspects of the roof. Perhaps the roof decking itself is damaged and the area of wooden boards that frame your home have to be repaired. It could also be the roof flashing, which is metal, where your shingles press up against a wall or a chimney. Replacement can be an option, but if there is damage to the material of your roof or part of the underlayment, it’s important to focus on the cause, the repair itself, the labor, and the length of the warranty.

Houston Roofing completes a free roof inspection for our customers, clearly outlining everything that is included in your roof repair. This will include several areas and are all dependent on the repairs that are needed to your roof. Labor costs, materials, time estimate, layers of removal and which areas of your roof that need to be repaired will be outlined in your free estimate.

Is There A Warranty Included In My Roof Repair?

Some companies offer a very limited or no warranty on your roof repair. Houston Roofing offers a warranty on all of their work. They will also help you understand if you need just a roof repair or a replacement and help you to understand insurance claims on both the repair and replacement.

Because so much is gauged on what caused the roof damage in the first place, it’s important to find the root cause of the damage. With regular wear and tear through the years from hail storms, winter snow storms and wind damage, we can assess the amount of damage and help you to figure out if it is a roof repair or replacement. We can also provide a free estimate for both and help you figure out what insurance will cover.

Roof Insurance Claims

It’s always important to reach out to an expert before starting an insurance claim. Houston Roofing understands the insurance claim process and having an expert on your side during the claims process is essential. When Houston Roofing provides you with your free estimate, it will be helpful in the insurance claims process.

Houston Roofing gives you many options when it comes to roof repair and we warranty our work. We want to make sure that our clientele is fully satisfied and that we supply your roof repair project with the highest-quality materials and licensed staff. We want to make sure to complete your roof repair n a timely and efficient manner.

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