What New Homeowners in Houston Should Know About Their Home’s Roof

February 4, 2020

What New Homeowners in Houston Should Know About Their Home’s Roof

Being a new homeowner can be a little scary as it’s probably one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. A substantial part of that investment is your home’s roof as it protects your home and its contents. It is important to make sure your roof is properly maintained to extend its lifespan. To help we’ve created a list of fundamental things a new homeowner should know about their roof.

Keep Your Roof Clean Of Debris

Keeping your roof clean seems simple, and it is, but it’s also extremely important in preventing wood rot and water penetration. Leaves or pine needles trapped on a roof can retain enough moisture to cause damage. Make sure your roof is clear of any leaves, branches, dirt or debris. This is part of the roof maintenance provided by Houston Roofing. Contact us for your free, no-obligation roof inspection today.

Keep The Gutters Clean

Although your gutters are separate from your roof they can still cause serious damage to your roof if not kept clean. Too much debris built up in your gutters prevents water from flowing properly. This can cause water to pool up and potentially flow back under your roofline and possibly into your home. A gutter system full of debris can also allow vegetation growth which will cause serious damage. Finally, the weight of a full gutter can cause it to pull away from the roofline. This exposes the gutter nails and allows water to enter the fascia and soffit. Houston Roofing can help keep the gutter system in good working order.

Keep An Eye Out For Roof Issues

First and foremost – DO NOT get on your roof. Please call a professional to assist with inspections. From the ground, you may see lifted or buckled shingles, dips or waves in the decking, and even loose or damaged roof vents. These could be the initial indications of a potential roofing issue. Contact us and let the professionals at Houston Roofing and Construction take care of inspecting your roof.

Do Not Attempt DIY Roof Repairs

STAY OFF YOUR ROOF!! Repairing a roof is not a DIY project, and someone who is not experienced can very easily cause more damage to the roof. Also, working on a roof is dangerous and you can easily hurt yourself. Save yourself the hassle and risk of injury by hiring a professional roofing company to make any repairs to your roof.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Often serious roofing damage can be difficult to locate and requires a professional roofing company to conduct a proper inspection. Don’t let the damage get worse, have your roof inspected every year as part of regular home maintenance.

Expect To Replace Your Roof

Last but not least every homeowner needs to realize that roofs do not last forever and eventually will need to be replaced. This can be a costly process and something you should prepare for. Find out your roof’s age and expected lifespan. A roofing professional can provide this information during a routine inspection. This can help you plan financially for the expense.

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