What Roofers And Shark-Infested Waters Have In Common

February 14, 2023

What Could Roofers And A Sea Packed Full Of
Sharks Possibly Have In Common?

Both Have Opportunistic Predators
Who Can Take Advantage Of You

Wouldn’t it be nice if Houston roof replacements existed in a world without having to swim through the murky waters of unknown roofing contractors and an insurance claim process that is cumbersome at best? While this would be ideal, the unfortunate reality is that with roofing, foul play can always lurk just around the corner.

The dark side of roofing contractors and an insurance claim process can rear its ugly head in a few ways. Insurance companies can complicate the claims process and be uncommunicative during their so-called assessments. Even worse, roofers themselves can take advantage of you.

This is why it’s imperative to have a roofer who gives you an unshakable sense of trust.

A roofer like Houston Roofing & Construction.

We know that the “nail-to-shingle” piece is just one of many issues that comprise the entire roofing repair or replacement jigsaw puzzle.

So we’ll be bold in saying something many Houston roofers won’t:

Not only do we walk side-by-side with you during a roof repair or replacement, but we’re also your sidekick during the roofing insurance process.

When Opportunistic Roofers
Typically Emerge In Houston

Storms and other natural disasters are an unfortunate reality of living in the Houston area that can cause substantial damage to your roof. From hail to hurricanes, we seem to get it all. And while most Houstonians see this as a hindrance to living here, roofing estimators and fly-by-night contractors see it as an opportunity.

With storms come roofing damages. Damages that need to be fixed – obvious, right?

But what’s not so obvious is how to pay for them. Here are some ways you can be taken advantage of by shoddy contractors or your insurance company:

  • They push an incorrect solution, repair, or a partial replacement instead of a complete replacement.
  • They don’t cover all the damages, leaving you to pay for the remaining damages out of pocket.
  • Incorrect or inaccurate claims can, by their nature, incentivize contractors to cut corners for their own profitability over providing the proper solution. (We think this one is the worst!)

These are just some of the ways you can be taken advantage of when the next storm rolls into town.

The good news is that you’re already smack dab where you need to be–on the page of a roofer who will assist you with ALL of your insurance claims needs.

The Bad Guys Won’t Mess With You When There’s
“A Roofer Sidekick” Fighting Alongside You

The bad guys know that in order for their tactics to be successful, the homeowners they’re going after must be easy prey.

Many are so audacious that they’ll even attempt to give you a biased or unfair assessment while at YOUR home! On YOUR property!

But none of this is possible when we’re by your side. And no, we don’t mean that figuratively. When you have roofing damage that needs to be assessed, we will legitimately show up on your behalf – at no cost.

This way, any potential bad guys know that a professional roofer is standing in person with the homeowner they wish to dupe, watching every move they make like a hawk.

And… we know we mentioned that whole “trust us” thing earlier, but just how can you trust us with 100% confidence?

Here’s why.

  • We’re GAF Master Elite Installers, And President’s Club Members – These distinctions have strict criteria, ensuring we run our business as a fully-fledged, fully-licensed roofer. And ethically, at that. These distinctions put us in the top 3% (in reality, the top 1%, but we’re not statisticians) of ALL roofers locally and nationwide.
  • We’re RCAT (Roofing Contractors Association of Texas) Members – In Texas, a roofing license isn’t required. Shocking, we know. That’s why we maintain membership and are in good standing with Texas’ most distinguished stand-in trade organization for this lack of state licensing requirement.
  • We’re Local –Meaning we’re NOT a national roofing contractor who will fly in for the job and fly out after, leaving a mess just as bad as the storm that caused it. We’re proudly HOUSTONIAN, so we stand behind our work and local customers before, during, and even after the job is done.

In other words, we’re your top-notch roofing insurance representation, ready to represent you in the “court of insurance” whenever you need it.

When The Next Storm Comes A Knockin’…

If you need a roof repair or replacement in the Houston area and are still unsure about roofers and the insurance claim process, contact your easily-trusted roofing sidekicks at Houston Roofing & Construction for a free roof inspection & estimate today!

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