“When Forced To Choose Between Cost, Schedule, And Quality, I Always Choose Quality” – Elliott Gray

June 7, 2021

At Houston Roofing Calling A Product ‘Good Enough’ Is The Worst Kind Of Profanity

If a roofing product is ‘ok’, ‘fine’, ‘workable’, ‘passable’ – or any other word for ‘good enough’ – it is completely off the table. Every employee at Houston Roofing knows in their bones which lines can’t be crossed NO MATTER WHAT.

Compromising On Quality Is One Of Them

Most Houston homeowners (unless they happen to be nerdy roofing gals or guys) don’t know the difference between this kind of vent and that kind of vent, or this kind of dome and that kind of dome – roofing products are pretty much all the same to them. 

So it’s super easy for a roofing company in Houston, TX to rip off their customers by installing inferior products at higher prices or substituting mediocre materials for top-quality products – and no one will be the wiser.

Roofing companies in Houston are a dime a dozen, and few take an honest look at themselves. In this business, we are only accountable to ourselves. That’s why it’s extremely important to us that we hold ourselves to the absolute HIGHEST standards.

Houston Roofing’s Product Quality Oath

When selecting a substitute product for a customer (usually due to product shortages), I will ONLY choose a product that is EQUAL TO or BETTER THAN the original product. I will not substitute something that’s inferior to what was quoted or the customer agreed to. 

We take this one step further with our GAF Golden Pledge

If you’ve taken a look at our website, you probably already know that we don’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we are GAF Master Elite and partner with the largest roofing manufacturer in North America.

The hierarchy for GAF products is base, middle, and upper level. Additionally, the top of the line GAF products have a rock-solid awesome warranty.

If it is possible for us to provide the customer with our top of the line GAF products that come along with an ironclad 25-year workmanship and product warranty – we promise to do so

In other words – if we can provide a substantially superior product with an ironclad 25-year guarantee – and not have to charge the client more – we do that wherever possible.

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