When Roof Leaks Strike, We Put On Our Capes

March 8, 2024
Case Study

Storm Struck & Stressed – A
Houston Roof Rescue Story 

When Crisis Calls, We Put
On Our Capes

There’s nothing quite like the panic of a storm-battered, residential low-slope roof in Champions, TX. One minute, you’re enjoying a cup of coffee – the next, you hear the ominous drip-drip-drip of rainwater and see telltale water stains spreading across your ceiling.

That’s exactly what happened to our client.

Thanks to a particularly nasty Texas storm, their roof decided it was time to call it quits. Cue the stress, the frantic calls, and the overwhelming feeling of “where do I even begin?”

We aimed to lift the burden off his shoulders from the moment he contacted us. We weren’t just there to fix his roof – we were there to guide him through the entire process – from the initial assessment to the final walkthrough.

Insurance Claim Heroics

Dealing with roof insurance claims can feel like navigating a bureaucratic maze. After 12 years in the roofing business, we understand that our client’s priorities differ from those of the adjusters.

We conducted a thorough and honest assessment of our client’s roof damage and guided him through the claim process paperwork. We even went toe-to-toe with the adjuster to ensure he received fair compensation. No more stressing over legalese or feeling lost in the system – we’re your champions!

A One-Day Wonder

Water damage spreads like wildfire. Putting off roof repair can turn a seemingly minor leak into water seeping into walls, ceilings, and insulation. This can lead to mold growth, structural weakening, and even electrical hazards.

This can not only compromise the safety and health of your family but also result in more costly repairs down the line. So we knew we needed to move fast.

With other contractors, our client might have experienced the sinking feeling of a long, drawn-out construction process.

Not with Houston Roofing & Construction!

We arrived at our client’s home with our A-team ready to go.

We replaced the entire roof, delivered all the materials, and cleaned up the mess – all in one single day! It was like magic, or at least the closest thing to it in the world of roof repair.

Sheetrock SOS And Satisfaction Guaranteed

The storm’s fury hadn’t just stopped at the roof. The water damage seeped into the sheetrock – leaving ugly stains.

But guess who swooped in again? We did. We sent out a dedicated painting crew who tackled the sheetrock repairs and repainted the entire area – all within the same day.

Talk about efficiency!

And here’s the kicker: we didn’t accept the final payment until we were sure everything was completed to our customer’s satisfaction. We’re not about cash grabs here – just complete transparency, facts and honesty, and a commitment to getting the job done right.

The Verdict: A Roof (And Heart) Restored

The storm might have been scary, but we ensured our customer’s experience was anything but. As always, we were fully committed to being professional, efficient, transparent, and, most importantly, caring.

We helped our client identify the damage, repair it quickly, and navigate the insurance claim process – knowing they had our support and expertise.

Thanks to Houston Roofing & Construction, my house is as good as new.”
– Taylor S.

If you’re ever facing a similar situation in the greater Houston area, whether it’s storm-related or not, don’t hesitate! Contact us for a free roof inspection. We’ll be the heroes your roof (and sanity) need!

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