Why A Roof Replacement Is Worth The Investment

May 24, 2024

Why A Roof Replacement In Houston, TX Is
Well Worth The Investment In Your Home

How The Benefits Outweigh
The Price Of A New Roof

It can be a very disheartening experience to have your roofing contractor tell you that you need a roof replacement in Houston, TX. After all, when you choose a high-quality roofing company that uses outstanding products, it can be a sizable investment.

Beyond providing absolute peace of mind that your home and family are protected from the elements, a residential roof replacement offers many excellent benefits that far outweigh the costs.

So, if you’re concerned about whether replacing your roof in the Greater Houston area is worth the investment, it’s a resounding yes.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we want our homeowners to be well-informed about all the decisions they make concerning their roofing. If you’re on the fence about replacing your roof, here’s a look at all the benefits this project will offer you.

Improved Energy Efficiency With A Roof Replacement

You might wonder what your Houston, TX home’s roof has to do with your energy efficiency. In truth, it can have a major impact on your monthly utility bills. Older roofing materials don’t insulate as well as more modern ones.

With advancements in roofing technology, many materials are now more reflective of the sun’s heat. In turn, this means your home won’t absorb as much solar energy through your roof, helping to keep your interior comfortable year-round and allowing your HVAC system to work less.

When a reliable roofing contractor takes on your roof replacement project, they’ll evaluate all aspects of your roof, including the ventilation and insulation. This ensures that your energy loss through your roof will be minimized, reducing your energy bills.

A Residential Roof Replacement Puts
An End To Ongoing Repairs

If you’ve been spending a lot of money on roof repairs, those costs can really add up. While the price of a new roof will generally be more than that of a repair job, you’ll end up saving money over time.

Newer roofing materials are more durable and offer better resistance to the elements. Because of this, once your new roof is installed, you will most likely not need repairs for many years.

Additionally, the maintenance requirements will be significantly reduced because everything is new. Keeping your new roof in peak condition will cost less and take less time.

Lower Insurance Premiums For Your Houston, TX Home

Your roof is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining your home. It’s so important that replacing it with high-quality products could be just the ticket to lowering your insurance premiums.

Many insurance companies consider an older roof to be a liability and only offer partial coverage for roofs that have exceeded 20 years. If something were to go wrong with an older roof, there’s a good chance that the insurance policy won’t cover the damages.

However, a new roof can often net discounts, especially when the materials are fire and water-resistant. Your company will reward you for taking a positive step toward proactively protecting your home.

Improved Health With A Roof Replacement

Did you know an older, worn-out roof can lead to significant health problems? When your roof is no longer able to protect your home from the elements, you’re at risk of experiencing significant water damage.

Even worse, with all that moisture entering your home, you could face mold growth. Mold isn’t just unsightly – it can also cause major health problems. If anyone in your home already has respiratory issues, it can be even more dangerous.

With a roof replacement, your materials will be in peak condition, preventing leaks. Additionally, replacing your roof will optimize your attic ventilation, preventing the buildup of moisture and heat, which can also lead to mold growth.

A Brand-New Warranty For Your Houston, TX Roof

If you have an older roof, chances are the warranty has expired or has diminished coverage. A roof replacement completed by a professional roofing contractor typically comes with a rock-solid manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty.

When you choose Houston Roofing & Construction, you get the best coverage possible. We’re GAF Master Elite certified and have won their exclusive President’s Club Award for residential roofing. This allows us to extend their most prestigious warranty coverage to our customers – 50 years of material defect coverage and more.

Get Unmatched Peace Of Mind
With Your Roof Replacement

If your current roof leaves you worrying about leaks every time it rains in Houston, a roof replacement will give you significant peace of mind. A roof that’s professionally installed by a team that genuinely cares about your project will deliver solid protection for years before you even have to consider the risk of a leak.

With one less thing to worry about, you can focus on enjoying your home and staying dry when the weather turns rough. Today’s roofing materials provide the ultimate protection, with many asphalt shingles being rated for up to 130 mph winds.

An Incredible Boost To Your Greater
Houston Area Home’s Value

Whether you plan to stay in your home or sell it, a roof replacement will dramatically increase its value. Home buyers are interested in properties where they don’t have to complete a lot of renovations, including roofing projects. With a newly installed roof, you’ll get better offers and have a better chance of quickly selling your home.

On the other hand, if you plan to stay in your home, you’ll enjoy having a beautiful new roof that complements the rest of your exterior. That, combined with the enhanced comfort the energy efficiency provides, will make your home more valuable to you.

When you’re ready for a dependable roof replacement in Houston, TXthat provides long-lasting benefits, turn to a team with your best interests at heart. Call Houston Roofing & Construction today at 832-810-7822 to schedule a free estimate.

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