Why Is It Important To Repair Your Roof Immediately
When You Notice A Leak?

January 7, 2022

Why Is It Important To Repair Your Roof Immediately
When You Notice A Leak?

Have you spotted a leak in your roof? This question can lead many of us to start checking our ceilings, attics, and walls to make sure that we are not experiencing a leak in any area of our home. But, a roof leak is different because it can affect the integrity of our entire home. It’s imperative to repair your roof immediately if you detect a leak. Houston Roofing is licensed and experienced in roof repair and we realize how important it is to make it to our customers as quickly as possible to find out why your roof is leaking and to fix it before it causes even more damage.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Wear & Tear

General wear and tear means that your roof has been exposed to the elements over time, and as your home ages, so does your roof. Lack of maintenance, an increase in storms, and rooftop equipment that has begun to show signs of age may be causing issues, are all part of the wear and tear and the roof moving towards possible repair or replacement.

A Sudden Storm & Weather Conditions

We can never fully predict storms and it is difficult to be completely prepared, especially when dealing with the unknown. A sudden storm such as a hurricane, a wind storm, a freeze, or even hail can cause extensive damage to a roof. Now, sudden storms can cause such damage that a roof can start leaking immediately, or there may have been a series of storms over time that have caused damage that you may not have noticed that has now led to a leak.

Rooftop Equipment

Many homeowners do not realize that there can be actual equipment up on the roof that, if not maintained correctly, can cause leaks that eventually make their way through the roof causing extensive damage to the roof and the home. Some homes have air conditioning and heating units on the roof, while others have roof exhaust fans and cooling towers. Any of these pieces of equipment can cause an issue, typically from wear and tear or lack of maintenance over time.

Seaming Issues On The Roof

Most roof issues are caused by issues with the seaming on the roof. Metal roofs and single-ply roofs typically have seams, and if they are not sealed or a wind storm comes through, the seams can uproot and also be lifted off. Now, when this happens, it leads to water damage that can be so severe that it not only calls for a full roof replacement, but immediate floods and damage to the interior of your home.

Why Is It Important To Fix Your Roof Immediately If It Is Leaking?

It’s important to understand that it may not just be the roof that is affected. When you notice a leak or a storm comes through that causes a sudden leak, your home is now exposed and at risk of further damage. If it is wintertime and there is a roof leak, this can lead to heat loss because there is room for heat to now leave your home, leading to higher utility bills. But, the most important part of fixing your roof immediately when you realize there is a leak, is really your family’s safety and security. Items of your home can be damaged by the leak, but the real risk is the safety of your family and loved ones, so it’s imperative to reach out to have your roof fixed immediately if you notice a leak.

A free roof inspection by Houston Roofing will be done to assess the amount of damage and also the root cause of where the leak is coming from. It will also help you to understand how extensive the damage is, if the roof can simply be repaired or needs to be replaced, and any other damage the leak has caused. Sometimes, it can be as simple as finding that the leak is being caused by an air conditioner on the roof which has now led to a partial repair of the roof. Other times, it can be more extensive, so it’s important to have a licensed professional do an estimate and help assess the work that needs to be done.

A warranty is provided on all work done by Houston Roofing and we take pride in every roof we repair or replace. We are educated on how damage to a roof is caused, what it can lead to, and how to prepare for the worst. Because of this, it’s important to understand risk and the insurance claims process. Houston Roofing understands the insurance claim process and we believe that having a true expert to walk you through the process with an actual estimate in hand makes it easier to work with your insurance company.

It’s important to reach out to a roofing company as soon as you notice a leak for both the integrity of your roof and home and also for the safety and security of your loved ones.

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