Why Local Roofers Are Superior

March 6, 2023

Four Big Differences Between Houston’s Local
Roofers And The Big National Roofing Chains

Where Speed Trumps Quality And Service
Is A Foreign Concept Best Left To Others

Whenever a destructive storm comes through an area like Houston, the inevitable convoys of electrical workers, plumbers, laborers, and roofers isn’t far behind. For the most part, we can look at these lines of trade workers flowing into the disaster zone with pride.

Their efforts are symbolic of how Americans are willing to show up when help is needed. But sadly, that’s not the full picture.

Amongst those able heroes, you’ll find the national chains that see natural disasters through the lens of profit. They fly in their estimators, grab whatever crews they can find, and do as many jobs as they can before they disappear in the night.

1) The Big Chains Disappear On You

Unlike local roofing contractors who genuinely want to help, most big chains are only in business to sell jobs. They are infamous for installing the cheapest option, a decision they are comfortable making for just one reason.

They aren’t coming back.

With difficult-to-navigate warranties, products based on price over quality, crews chosen for their speed over all else, and little interest in worker safety (see top image), the likelihood of any roof they install lasting decades is remote.

At Houston Roofing and Construction, we are here to stay. We truly care about what your roof looks like when we’re done and consider your satisfaction with our work part of the bargain.

So, we vet the manufacturers we use to ensure they share our high standards and never stray from their recommendations as we replace your damaged roof. Then, we back it with warranties that would make most roofing company owners faint.

Put simply, Houston Roofing and Construction will always be there when you need us.

2) National Companies Must Use Subcontractors

Subcontracted labor is the only labor available to national companies since all they send to the area are estimators. So there’s no way to tell what kind of people are on your property, and the quality of their work is a crap shoot.

Might be great, might be awful – you won’t know until long after they’re gone.

Proper ventilation and the condition of your decking aren’t high on their list of concerns, so anyone who moves fast, follows directions, and can wield a hammer will do. Roofing knowledge isn’t an important factor to them.

With Houston Roofing and Construction, our Project Managers are direct employees, so you know they’ll never let anything slide. They are detail-oriented professionals whose expertise has allowed us to earn the President’s Club Award from GAF.

Less than 2% of roofers in the nation ever gain such recognition. We owe it all to our stress-free process and our Project Managers’ watchful eyes. And no local disaster is going to force us to lower our standards.

3) They Seek Money – Not Relationships

When speed is your only priority, what happens down the road isn’t a priority. In fact, they often form their warranties to guarantee that what happens to your roof after they’ve left the state won’t affect them.

What you think of their work couldn’t matter less since they’ll be hundreds or thousands of miles away within a month.

As a local roofer, Houston Roofing and Construction will always look out for your long-term needs. We pride ourselves on our superior products, top-notch installers, and unbeatable warranties that actually mean what they say.

Our long history of providing excellent service and outstanding results is easily verified by speaking to your neighbors and checking out our reviews. We’ve been here for well over a decade and expect to be around long enough to honor our 50-year warranties to the end.

4) Even When Local – They Think National

Those big national chains have to be based somewhere, but that doesn’t make them local to the community that surrounds their headquarters.

Their policies and methods are designed around their national activities – and we’ve shown you how much those are worth.

They are indifferent to the quality of their crews, and their warranties don’t improve just because you live nearby. Every roof is a one-and-done proposition, whether it’s near their offices or across the country.

At Houston Roofing, we are dedicated to the home and business owners of Houston and nowhere else. We don’t even serve neighboring communities outside of the metro area.

We are your roofing company, and we wouldn’t change that for the world. Unlike so many other contractors, we are Houston.

If you need roofing work done on your Houston area home and want a roof you know will last, contact us at Houston Roofing and Construction today for a free quote!

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