Why We Sell A Full Roofing System Instead Of Piecemeal Roofing

August 11, 2021

A 100% GAF-Brand Roof Guarantees You The Best Performance
And Warranty Protection…Period.

When it comes to roofing, our mantra is “go big or go home”. We do it RIGHT, or not at all.

Your roof has more parts to it than you might think. Most homeowners are familiar with the outermost layer of their roof — the covering. This can be shingles or other materials. But there’s a lot going on under those shingles.

We won’t bore you with the minutiae of nuts and bolts of your roof, so here’s the abridged version: First you have your rafters, the ‘bone structure’ of your roof. The sheathing — the layer of boards that attach to your rafters comes next. And right under your shingles you have your underlayment — a protective layer that keeps water from infiltrating your roof. Then there are all the other parts like the chimney, vents, gutters, and ridges (among others).

Everything has to fit together like a puzzle. If one of the pieces is oddly shaped, off-color, or a different texture than the others, the final picture will be flawed.

In a bid to save money, some roofing companies do piecemeal roofing. That means they hunt for the best deal on rafters then on sheathing, and on the underlayment…and so on. When every part of your roof is from a different manufacturer, there’s no way that the different parts can fit seamlessly together.

Instead of being perfectly in sync with each other, every part has to be needled and shoved into alignment, bringing down the overall quality of your roof and shortening its lifespan.

A Seamless Roof, The Highest Level Of Quality, And An Incredible Warranty

When all the components of your roof are from ONE manufacturer — and that manufacturer is THE BEST there is — you’re guaranteed perfection.

One Big Happy Family

Picture an ill-fitting shoe. It might be the right size and the right style, but if it’s too wide, too narrow — too anything — no matter how much you try to shove your foot in, the shoe won’t ever fit RIGHT.

When we get an entire roofing system from GAF, every part was designed to fit fluidly with all the other roofing components. Nothing is chafing against any other part. Nothing is out of place. Nothing is misshapen. And nothing is jammed together so that it lasts the year, but falls apart as soon as the warranty does.

No Chinks In The Armor

We’re hell-bent on getting every last part of our roofing systems from GAF because when it comes to quality WE DON’T CUT CORNERS. And there is absolutely no way for a piecemeal roof to have the same level of quality as a full roofing system from one manufacturer.

The best bet for highest quality is if every part of your roof melds together smoothly. And we can guarantee you that, because we get our entire roofing system only from GAF.

A SOLID Safety Net

The warranty on a full roofing system is drastically different from the warranty that you’ll get with a piecemeal roof. We can give you a warranty that is LONGER, offers MORE coverage, and warrants your ENTIRE roofing system.

If something goes haywire with your roof (which is highly unlikely in the first place), you have an ironclad guarantee to fall back on.

Choose the roofing company that doesn’t cut corners EVER. Contact Houston Roofing.

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