Will Insurance Replace The Damaged Roof On Your Houston Home?

November 25, 2021

The Ins & Outs Of Insurance Coverage

If you’re a homeowner in Houston, you probably already know that home insurance is never as simple as we want it to be. When it comes to getting your roof replacement covered by insurance, it’s helpful to know the ins and outs of insurance coverage. 

Cause Of Damage

When evaluating your roof damage, the main thing your insurance company will look for is the event that caused the damage. There are many ways that your roof can sustain damage. Roof damage can result from a man-made incident, like vandalism. It can also arise from a nature-related event, like a hailstorm. Of course, normal wear and tear can occur as your roof ages. 

Normal Wear & Tear

The key word here is ‘normal’. Anything that your insurance company considers ‘normal’ won’t be covered, because it falls under the responsibility of the homeowner. As the years go by, it’s normal for some shingles to fall off your roof, or your gutters to start sagging. This type of damage that happens because of normal living is up to the homeowner to resolve. 

Proper roof maintenance is something that every homeowner is responsible for. Consequently, if your roof is breaking down because of regular use, insurance will most likely not cover any repairs or a roof replacement.

Freak Accident

A freak accident is the complete opposite of normal wear and tear. It’s something that generally does not occur due to normal use of your roof. Things like an accidental fire or a fallen tree trunk would fall under this category. Since this is something that can’t be prevented by routine roof maintenance, your insurance company will likely cover a full or partial roof replacement. 

If your roof was damaged during a random accident, make sure to document the damage and contact your insurance company to find out about coverage.

Act Of Nature

A hailstorm, a hurricane, abnormally strong winds…and any other type of extreme weather that harms your roof is considered an act of nature. Since nature is out of the homeowner’s hands — no amount of roof maintenance can prepare you for some storms — insurance often covers a roof replacement in the event of weather induced roof damage.

Age Matters

When it comes to your roof, age is not just a number — it can mean the difference between getting an entire roof replacement covered by insurance and being denied insurance coverage altogether. Ageism is alive and kicking in the home insurance industry! 

As a roof ages, it performs less efficiently and becomes less durable. Eventually, years and years of normal wear and tear add up, and can result in significant roof damage. Since this type of damage falls under the category of roofing maintenance, insurance policies usually deny coverage for this type of damage.

How Old Is Too Old?

When insurance companies refer to an old roof, they’re generally talking about a roof that’s older than 15 or 20 years. Unfortunately, if you own a home with an old roof, you might find yourself in a situation where your insurance company doesn’t want to insure your roof because it’s too worn out, but they won’t either cover the cost of replacing it. 

We Can Help!

When your roof sustains damage, it’s tough to know where to turn for help. Insurance companies will usually look for reasons not to cover your roof replacement. That’s why you need someone on your side who knows everything there is to know about roof replacements. Contact us before calling your insurance policy so that we can inspect your roof and be your advocate.


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