With Houston Roofing, You Get Your Very Own Roofing Concierge

February 21, 2023

For Us, A Project Manager Aka Your Very Own
“Roofing Concierge,” Is A Standard Practice

Professional Attitude. Personalized Attention.
Perfect For A Zero-Stress Roof Replacement

Houston roof replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle. Scratch that – it shouldn’t be a hassle. But this would be in an ideal world.

If you’re on the prowl for the perfect roofer, you’ve likely come across those who you can just tell won’t give your home or business roof replacement the oversight it needs for a near-flawless installation.

And there’s a very simple reason for this – they don’t incorporate proper oversight into their process. Namely, they don’t assign dedicated Project Managers.

With many moving parts, potential issues can arise in any home improvement project – and roofing replacement is definitely no exception. We understand this at Houston Roofing & Construction, so your roof replacement gets personalized oversight –we task our PMs to give you the personalized attention you deserve.

But they don’t stop there.

They go over and above to ensure that you are not only satisfied and taken care of, but your neighbors are as well.

Our PMs Are So Dedicated, Even Your Neighbors
Get A Sample Of Their Excellent Service

In a perfect world, residential and commercial roofing would be nicely sectioned off away from all other properties. While this is ideal, and we certainly do our best to ensure this, roofing is a BIG project. It sometimes requires brute force, especially during the “tear-off phase” of your old roofing system.

Even more challenging is dealing with infamous zero-lot lines found in and around the Houston area. As their name suggests, they leave even the best roofers zero room for error. So sometimes, a stray piece or two of debris can find its way into a neighboring property.

This could be a massive issue for a roofer with nothing but a truck, a bag of tools, and an unvetted crew. Oh, but not for them – for you.

Because when they pack up and leave, never to be seen again, your potentially disgruntled neighbor won’t be calling Roofer XYZ’s now disconnected number. But they will come knocking on your door.

We know… this entire above scenario sounds intimidating. But here’s why you have zero need to worry when working with Houston Roofing & Construction:

Our project managers handle your neighbors for you.

Before the project begins, our PMs preemptively knock on neighboring doors, letting them know disruption is coming.

After the project ends, our PMs, yet again, knock on your neighbor’s door, letting them know they will be checking their property for any potential debris.

Imagine that. A roofer who cares not just for you but for your neighbors as well.

It’s a detail many other Houston roofers will conveniently “skip out” on.

Attention To Communication Is
Attention To Detail

We’ve heard through the Houston roofing grapevine and from our local customers that communication with area roofers is often… less than stellar.

Okay, sometimes it’s just plain bad.

Communication is yet another area where our PMs shine – by always having a direct line of communication open with you before, during, and after all the critical stages of your Houston roof replacement.

It’s a detail many fly-by-night roofers will ignore but that we understand is essential for any roof replacement.

After all, a roof replacement is only as successful as the process it takes to arrive at the final curb-appealing results. If you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth because of a stressful process, we simply won’t accept your project as a success.

So our PMs nip that potential scenario in the bud and make sure to start your project well.

Do it well.

And end it with a nice bowtie.

Elite-Level Project Managers. Just A Click Away.

If you need a roof replacement in Houston curated by the true professionals of project management, contact Houston Roofing & Construction for a free roof inspection and estimate today.

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