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We Hold Top Certifications And A Proven Track Record

If you’re a building owner who needs a new roof, Houston Roofing & Construction is the company who can give you an honest, expert assessment and a fair quote.

Choosing the right contractor for your roof replacement is crucial if you want guaranteed results and control of your long-term roofing costs. Hire the right Houston commercial roofer and you won’t have any roof worries; hire the wrong one and it can be headaches for years.

Our Secret Weapon

It’s pretty common for a Houston commercial roofer to say, “we have a good team.” And maybe they do… but do they have and experience Project Management Team?

We have an extensive background in commercial roofing, having worked on some of the most prominent commercial roofing projects in Houston.

In short, there is no project too large or too complex for our Project Management Team to manage and their knowledge of commercial roof replacement is incredibly thorough.

When one of our tenured Project Managers comes to take a look at your roof, you’ll know that you are getting the right recommendation – one that balances short-term cost considerations and long-term durability.

What You Need To Know About NDLs & Commercial Roof Replacement

As a building owner or property manager, you may already be familiar with No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty protection on a roof, but here’s a quick summary in case you don’t:

A manufacturer will guarantee to cover ALL costs associated with a faulty roof as part of a “No Dollar Limit” (NDL) Warranty. It will be for a specified amount of time 10, 20, or even 30 years, and it will even cover damage that happens to other parts of the building caused by a defective roof. It truly is ‘no dollar limit’ protection.

But there is a catch, and it’s a big one: you MUST choose a commercial roofer that is certified by the manufacturer. A manufacturer can only fully back a roof that they are absolutely sure has been installed to the highest standards.

The good news is you’ve found a commercial roofing company that is certified by the top roofing manufacturers. We’re certified to install NDL roofs with the following manufacturers:

  • GAF Master Select Certified
  • Carlisle Certified
  • Duro-Last Certified

If you want to be sure your commercial roof replacement is being installed to exact manufacturer specifications, Houston Roofing is the company to contact.

We’re Not Licensed By The State (And You Won’t Believe Why)

We’re not licensed by the state of Texas to do commercial roof replacement.

The reason?

No one is. There are literally no licensing requirements to call yourself a roofer in Texas – you don’t even have to register with the state.

We decided to do something about it: we earned an RCAT License to prove our qualifications.

What RCAT Licensing Is & Why It Matters

The Roofing Contractor Association of Texas (RCAT) is a group of companies that have joined together and developed the RCAT Licensed Roofing Contractor program.

This form of voluntary self-regulation is something that top roofing contractors do to separate themselves as more companies that are committed to professionalism and accountability.

Here are some of the standards which must be met for any roofing companyto become licensed:

  • Must show financial responsibility and stability.
  • Must demonstrate proof of proper insurance.
  • Must provide proof of adequate Worker’s Compensation or another insurance plan providing similar benefits.
  • Must pass a business and safety knowledge exam.
  • Must pass a roofing exam with a qualifying score.

For building owners looking for a contractor who has the professionalism and knowledge to replace a commercial roof in Houston, a RCAT License is more proof you are dealing with a company you can trust.

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement: How To Know What You Need

If you’re unsure whether you need a full commercial roof replacement or just need a repair, Houston Roofing & Construction is the company with the professionalism, integrity, and depth of knowledge to honestly assess your roof and then explain your options.

For example, it may be possible to save on costs by putting another roof right on top of your current roof, which can save on costs. That is appropriate in some situations and not in others.

Or maybe you just need a repair right now, and we can also give you a long-term prognosis on the life of your current roof.

Whatever it is you need, when you call on a proven roofer with a demonstrated track record of success, you’ll have peace of mind that you are getting the facts you need to make an intelligent business decision.

What’s The Next Step?

If you’re a property manager, maintenance supervisor, facility manager, and building owners with roofing issues, we’d be happy to talk with you about commercial roof replacement in Houston. Reach out to us.

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