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When it comes to residential roof replacements for the Houston area, you really only need to get ONE thing right.

The #1 most important decision – by far – is the roofing company you choose.

Choose correctly, and you’ll get a new roof installed to the highest standards and decade after decade of warranty protection.

Choose poorly and you’ll be in for stress, headaches, and worry that you haven’t properly protected your most important asset – your home.

But how can you be sure you are hiring the best roofing company?

Always look to see if a company can tell you real, provable facts to show that they do things differently – and better – than a typical roofing company.

We invest WAY more than typical roofing companies in our people, processes, and products – and YES, we can PROVE it.

Our commitment to investing more in training, product quality, payroll, certifications, insurance, and more is exactly why we’ve become Houston’s best residential roofer.

We know that’s a big claim, and we don’t expect you to just accept it at face value. Here’s our proof:

Best Project Managers That Work Directly For Us (Not Subcontractors!)

Most residential roofing companies hire subcontractors to manage roof replacements or repairs. While not all subcontractors are bad, they do have the WRONG INCENTIVES. A person who is getting paid by the job has an interest in making that job as lucrative as possible, even if the most expensive option is not in the best interest of the homeowner.

There’s also less incentive for companies to help subcontracted workers develop a deep roofing knowledge and skill. After all, that subcontractor may be working for someone else tomorrow.

Houston Roofing & Construction is built to be different, and that starts with our team.

All of our roofing project managers are employees of Houston Roofing & Construction – they work directly for us. Our project managers’ extensive knowledge, training, and certifications means you can rely on them to always give you an accurate assessment of your roof.

Yes, it does cost us more to train and pay our people than if we used subcontractors. But the bottom line is you get better results. The happier you are, the more likely you are to recommend us, so we win, too!

Highly Certified & RCAT Licensed Roofers

Did you know that there are ZERO requirements to call yourself a roofing company in the state of Texas? No licensing, no exam, no nothing – you don’t even have to register with the state!

If you are having a company replace or repair the roof on your home – your most important asset – don’t you want more assurance than that?

We decided to do something and take actions independently to prove we are true experts.

For one, we are certified by the biggest and best roofing manufacturer in North America, GAF. And not just any certification – we have earned their highest status of Master Elite Certified at President’s Club level.

With only 1% – 2% of contractors in the entire country receiving this badge of honor — you could say we are quite proud to be President’s Club Residential awardees.

We are also licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). Since the state of Texas has no standards, we voluntarily meet the RCAT Licensing requirements as further evidence of the quality of our work. You can read more about this by visiting our RCAT Licensed page.

So why do we voluntarily meet these standards when most Houston roofing companies think doing it is too time-consuming and costly?

We truly believe that it is unfair to homeowners to have to guess whether a roofing company can be trusted. We want you to know that your roofing company meets the highest standards, and the extra investment is worth it to us.

Absolute Best Roofing Products For Houston Homeowners

If you are not familiar with GAF, they are the most innovative and largest roofing manufacturer in North America, with 100+ years of history behind them. In other words, GAF has the best products, the best processes, and the best track record among all roofing manufacturers.

So it’s probably not hard to guess whose products we decided to recommend and install.

Not only do we install GAF products, we are certified to be able to offer their very best warranty. For more about their great roofing products, please visit our Why GAF Products page.

A Truly Amazing & Completely Reliable Warranty

A great roof replacement is not just about the roof itself – it’s also about the protection you get for your investment.

When you invest in a new roof, you also deserve REAL peace of mind that you have an iron-clad warranty that you can actually believe and trust.

We wanted to be able to offer this kind of excellent warranty to our customers, so we earned GAF’s highest certification. This certification allows us to offer the Golden Pledge Warranty, the strongest and best roofing warranty in America.

Highlights of this warranty include 50 years of NON-PRORATED coverage on shingles, a Twenty-five (25) year workmanship warranty fully backed by the manufacturer, and coverage of your entire roofing system (not just the shingles).

It is truly an amazing and reliable warranty; you can read more about it by visiting our Real Warranty page.

What Can Go Wrong With A Roof Replacement

A lot more can go wrong with a residential roof replacement than many homeowners understand.

Homeowners are at a disadvantage because the only part of the roof they can see are the shingles. As long as a roofing company installs the shingles reasonably straight (and not all of them do even that!), it can be hard to tell one roof from another.

But a roof is a LOT more than just shingles – it is a whole system with many components.

For example, we see often – way too often – leaks caused by improperly installed flashing. Flashing is installed at the edge of roofs and around other obstacles (vents, chimneys, skylights, etc.) to prevent leaking.

You have to know what you are doing and pay attention to the details to get flashing installed so it will hold up for decades. And that’s just one example – there are lots of other roof installation details that are crucial to getting great results.

Why You’ll Never Have To Worry With Houston Roofing & Construction

Here’s the good news: with Houston Roofing & Construction all of these installation worries go away – you can guarantee yourself great results because we are certified as GAF Master Elite. This means the manufacturer independently verifies that we install ALL roof components to the absolute highest standards.

Easy & Affordable Financing Options

You shouldn’t put off your much-needed roof replacement simply because of the price tag. With three different financing options to choose from for qualifying customers, we are sure to have the perfect plan for any budget.

Why Risk Your Roof?

If you want a free assessment of your current roof, why not choose the best? Reach out to Houston Roofing & Construction for a free inspection and estimate.

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