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Are you seeking a roofing estimate near Houston that you can rely on? If any of these apply to you, reach out to us for a free, fair roof estimate:

  • You’re concerned about the age of your current roof and want to know if it should be replaced and how much it will cost… OR
  • You’ve noticed leaks, shingle damage, or other signs your roof might need repaired… OR
  • You think recent bad weather, including things like hail and high winds, might have caused damage to your roof… OR
  • You suspect roofing ventilation issues may be lowering your home’s energy efficiency or is causing unhealthy moisture issues in your home.

Please reach out to contact us for ANY roofing concern you may have. We can provide you a free roof inspection and estimate.

Why Houston Roofing & Construction Is The Best For Free Roof Estimates

When you contact a Houston roofing company for a free estimate, you want a truly professional assessment and fair, transparent pricing. With us, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Here’s what we do better:

The bottom line is we have more qualifications and proof of professionalism than other Houston roofing companies.

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Do you need a free estimate on a roof replacement or roof repair in the Houston area? You’ll have peace of mind that you are getting a fair estimate from a proven roofing company. Reach out and we’ll get you scheduled!

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