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Free Roof Inspection In Houston

Professional Roof Inspections With No Games Or Sales Pressure

If any of these apply to you, please call Houston Roofing & Construction for a complete roof inspection and analysis:

  • You’re concerned your current roof is old and may need replaced… OR
  • You’re seeing leaks or other signs that your roof may need a repair… OR
  • You’re concerned that recent severe weather conditions, like hail and high winds, may have damaged your roof… OR
  • You think your home may be suffering from ventilation issues that are hurting your home’s overall energy efficiency or is causing unhealthy moisture issues in your home.

If ANY of these situations apply to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our roof inspections for Houston homeowners are completely free – there’s ZERO risk or obligation for you.

Why Choose Houston Roofing & Construction For A Free Inspection?

There’s lots of great reasons to contact Houston Roofing & Construction for a free roof inspection, but here are two of the best:

#1 Our Project Managers Are True Experts & Work Directly For Us (Not Sub-Contractors!).

There’s something that completely separates us from ordinary Houston roofing companies: it’s the education, training, and quality of our project managers.

The majority of Houston roofing contractors use sub-contractors to manage roof replacement and repairs. Not us. Our team works directly for us and they give you a true needs analysis.

#2 Completely Honest Assessments (If You Only Need A Repair, That’s What We’ll Recommend).

One of our Core Values at Houston Roofing & Construction is “Integrity First.” Our team is committed to always giving transparent roof assessments. Some companies are only interested in selling big roof replacements. We’re interested in doing what’s right for your situation – from a minor roof repair to a full-scale replacement.

Your Next Step

We provide free roof inspections in the Houston area. If you even suspect you may have a roof issue, why not reach out to us for a complete roof analysis? We’d be happy to give you our best recommendation based on your needs.

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