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Houston Homeowners: Are You Getting What You
Should On Your Roof Insurance Claim?

FACT: Your Insurance Company Interests Are NOT
The Same As Your Interests

If your roof has sustained damage from hail, wind, or other storm damage in the Houston area, your homeowner insurance should cover the costs (less your deductible) to restore the roof to where it was before the damage.

At least, that’s how it should work in theory.

In practice, it doesn’t always work out that way.

The basic problem is that your insurance company has an interest in keeping their costs as low as possible (they are a for-profit business, after all). And their biggest costs are paying out claims.

So, it’s just a FACT: your insurance company’s interests and your interests aren’t completely aligned. You want the full and necessary amount to restore your roof to where it was prior to the storm. Your insurance company wants to control costs.

Are we saying that insurance companies are only out to cheat you?

No, that wouldn’t be fair.

But we are saying that you need to go into the process with your eyes wide open.

No matter how much you like your insurance agent, your agent won’t be the claims adjuster. The process is complicated, and the insurance company knows the “ins and outs” of the process a lot better than homeowners.

What You Need Is A True Professional For YOUR Interests

That’s Where We Come Into The Picture!

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Filing a roof insurance claim on your own would be a lot like going into a courtroom without a lawyer.

You don’t know the rules, you don’t know the right questions to ask, and the other side is going to use all that to their advantage.

Even worse, this “courtroom” is one where the insurance adjuster also serves as judge and jury, too. If they say, “Claim denied” or “This is the small amount you get,” you have little recourse if you don’t understand how the process works.

The bottom line is that this is a cumbersome, confusing process. You NEED someone to help you.

Houston Roofing & Construction can help you through this process to make sure you get every penny you’re entitled to under the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

For more about why we’re specially qualified to help you through this process, please visit our Roof Insurance Experts page.

We assist Houston homeowners who need help navigating the roof insurance claims process. We do it fairly, legally, and with great attention to detail.

Is Your Insurance Claims Adjuster Experienced Enough?

One thing we’ve seen far too often is roof insurance claims adjusters who don’t know nearly enough about roofs. That might sound crazy, but it happens more than you’d think.

Examples of some of the things we’ve seen:

  • Adjusters confuse hail damage (which is covered by insurance) with “blistering” (which is heat damage caused by a poorly ventilated roofing system and not covered by insurance).
  • After big storms, insurance companies will sometimes use adjusters from other areas of the company — adjusters with absolutely no roofing experience — to handle the rush of claims.
  • Roof claims adjusters not being able to confidently tell the difference between normal wear and tear (not covered) from TRUE storm damage (covered).
  • We even had one memorable experience where we met an adjuster in the field on his very first day. He was not properly trained, had no other adjuster there to teach him, and barely knew how to get up the ladder!

Now ask yourself… if any of these things happened with your claim, do you think you’ll get a fair shake without someone experienced looking out for you?

… And One Last Thing To Watch Out For

We do need to warn Houston homeowners about one other issue with roof insurance claims.

While we do think you should always have a roofing contractor help you through this process, you do need to be very careful about which advocate you choose.

Not all Houston roofing companies are experts on insurance claims, and not all of them maintain the highest standards of integrity.

Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • Any roofing company that offers to get you a “free roof” or says they’ll help you out with the deductible (this is insurance fraud).
  • Any roofing company that “storm chases” from town to town or goes knocking on doors offering to file a roofing insurance claim — all before even knowing anything about your roof.
  • Houston roofing companies without proper credentials and proof of reputation. (Are they RCAT Licensed? Do they have lots of 5-star Google reviews? Are they A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have their own team of Project Managers, or do they subcontract everything?

Choose wisely, and you’ll get every penny you need to restore your roof; choose poorly, and you’ll have headaches and a roof that is never made whole.

Why Choose Houston Roofing

5 Key Reasons To Pick Up The Phone Today!

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When it comes to completing projects, we go above and beyond to ensure that every detail is handled with care and precision. From start to finish, we prioritize quality and professionalism to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the final product.

In addition to our exceptional customer service and skilled team, we have identified five other reasons why you should choose Houston Roofing & Construction for your next project.

#1: Pro Project Management

We take project management seriously by going above and beyond industry standards — starting with our RCAT license, GAF Master Elite certification, and BBB A+ rating. Our full-time project managers receive top-notch training to ensure they are knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to tackle your insurance claim.

Read more about our Pro Project Management

#2: We Are Proud To Serve Our Community

We’re a local family-owned roofing company that cares about our community and customers. We don’t just chase jobs all over the state — we’re committed to serving the Houston area and have our roots firmly placed here. If you want a roofing company that puts customers first and knows Houston like the back of our hand, you’ve come to the right place!

Read more about how We Are Truly Local

#3: Hassle-Free Service For Over A Decade

Say goodbye to the stress of dealing with roofing contractors! Houston Roofing is here to offer you a smooth and effortless experience that guarantees satisfaction. With the help of our expert project managers and cutting-edge technology, your roof repair or replacement will be a breeze.

Read more about our Hassle-Free Service

#4: Honesty Is The Houston Roofing Policy

We pride ourselves on our transparent approach when it comes to roofing services and insurance claims. Our team won’t push for a new roof when a repair will suffice, and we’ll never sugarcoat the truth. And the best part? We’ll make sure you get every penny you’re due from your insurance provider.

Read more about our Honest Assessments

#5: We Stick To Our Core Values

Our team is not just experienced but passionate about the work they do. We take pride in doing things the right way from the start and prioritizing our customers’ needs through our core company values. When you choose our team, you’re gaining a group of professionals who work for YOU and your needs.

Read more about our Core Values

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A Few Of Our Favorite Reviews From
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  • Gustavo S.
    Houston Roofing & Construction was extremely supportive from the very beginning of our insurance claim process. Our insurance company had denied our claim initially. We then proceeded with requesting a second inspection by a different adjuster. Our project manager was readily available to inspect our roof alongside the insurance claims adjuster. We are extremely happy customers!
  • Anthony R.
    We had a leak in our roof and after weeks of back and forth with the insurance company I called Houston Roofing and Construction for help. The technician came out and was very knowledgeable and professional. He inspected my roof and submitted all the necessary documentation. After a few days we were approved for a new roof plus some additional repairs we didn’t know were needed at no extra cost.
  • Ivan C.
    HRC made our roof replacement painless and intensely efficient. They focused on doing things right and on making a lifelong customer. The team took care of communicating and negotiating with our insurance company and ensuring that we received the best quality replacement roof available. We deal with a lot of contractors and it is no exaggeration that they are one of the best. Thanks HRC.

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Roofing Insurance Claims FAQ From Homeowners

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Q: Is The Insurance Claims Process Easy?

The insurance claims process can be tricky, but we are here to do all the hard work for you. From filing the claim to negotiating with the insurer, we will handle everything so that you can focus on recovering from your loss.

Q: What Happens If An Insurance Company Denies My Claim?

If an insurance company denies your roofing claim, don’t give up hope. We will review your policy, gather evidence, and advocate on your behalf to get your claim approved. Our team will keep at it until we reach a resolution that meets your needs and ensures your roof is repaired or replaced.

Q: What Comes Next After My Insurance Claim Is Approved?

After your insurance claim is approved, we will get to work repairing or replacing your home’s roof, depending on the extent of the damage. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that the work is done quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

Q: Do Insurance Companies Cover Full Roof Replacements?

Whether insurance companies cover full roof replacements depends on your provider and plan. Some policies may cover the full cost of a new roof, while others may only cover partial repairs. It’s essential to review your policy and discuss your coverage options with your provider.

Q: Do You Use Subcontractors For Your Roofing Services?

We partner with crews that meet our very high standards. These are experienced and trained professionals that work with our fully employed Project Managers to give you the best possible service and high-quality craftsmanship.

Your satisfaction is always most important to our team!

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