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Storm Damaged Roof Insurance Claims In Houston

Meeting With An Insurance Claims Adjuster
Without An Expert On Your Side Is A Mistake

Most homeowners think that roof damage after a storm is obvious.

And sometimes it is – high winds can lift the shingles and tear them away from the fasteners. This damages the shingles beyond repair.

But other times the damage is not so clear. Hail can create holes, cuts, and fractures in shingles that may lead to water penetration. Even the smallest indention from a hail strike can cause major problems.

So just because your roof seems to be intact after a storm does not mean it’s not damaged. Many times storm damage will not be visible when looking up from the ground.

This is why expert help is ALWAYS recommended to assess a roof after a storm.

Houston Roofing & Construction offers free inspections if you suspect storm damage and want to know if you can legitimately file a roof insurance claim.

Here’s Our #1 Tip For Any Houston Homeowner Filing A Roof Insurance Claim

If we were allowed to only say one thing to homeowners about this process, it would be this:


Your interests and your insurance company’s interests are not the same. Another problem is that some of these roof claims adjusters don’t know roofing as well as they should. For more on why all this is such a problem, please visit our Roof Insurance Claims page.

Houston Roofing & Construction can guide you through the initial steps of filing a claim, including the most important part – performing a damage inspection.

We carefully verify and document the storm damage with our exacting attention to detail. We’ll provide you the with all the next steps to make sure your claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

What If You’ve Already Started The Roof Insurance Claims Process Without Us?

If you’ve already filed a claim and the process has already begun, we can still help. While it’s ideal is to have us serving as your contractor right from the start, we still want to help you get a fair shake from your insurance company.

We have hundreds of satisfied homeowners who were originally “turned down”, or told their roof was in “good shape” by their insurance adjuster. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help!

Why Houston Roofing & Construction Is The Best Choice

This company started about a decade ago, around the time of Hurricane Ike. We became very experienced in insurance claims very quickly!

We’ve grown to handle all kinds of residential and commercial roofing projects, but we’ve never lost our expertise in handling roof insurance claims.

We’re a strong ally for you in the process to make sure your property is made whole again and you get every penny you’re entitled to. But we also make sure we always conduct ourselves with integrity and never manipulate the process illegally or unethically.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with Houston storm damage insurance claims – some companies will even encourage you to commit insurance fraud. For more on this problem, please visit our “Free Roofs” page.

  • We have our own highly trained staff of project managers who work for us (not sub-contractors!)
  • Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is A+
  • We are licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (The state has no standards or licensing to call yourself a roofing company – we voluntarily meet these standards)
  • We’ve attained the highest certification possible from GAF – Master Elite Certified
  • We’re truly local (unlike many roofing companies who storm chase from city to city, or even from state to state)

With Houston Roofing & Construction, all those problems disappear. Here’s just some of our qualifications:

In other words, we are a totally proven company that can professionally handle your roof insurance claim with no worries or hassles.

For more about us and our track record of success, please visit our Why Us page.

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If you think your roof has suffered storm damage, reach out to us for a free inspection. We promise to advocate for you with integrity and true expertise.

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