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Houston Roof Damage You Should Never Ignore

Learn More About Common Roofing Damage
From Real Photos We Took On The Job

When it comes to your Houston roof – knowledge is power.

Knowing that many roof problems can be repaired will help you navigate the slippery slope of “free” inspections from unscrupulous roofers who only want to sell you on a full roof replacement.

But at Houston Roofing and Construction, we’re willing to do the small repairs because you deserve to get only what you need. Which sometimes is not a full roof replacement.

After all, why should you pay more than what you have to, if a repair alone will get your roof back up to speed?

To help you determine what roofing damages should call for more investigation, check out these photos of damaged roofing we have seen during roof inspections. If you notice any of these, or are just concerned about your roof, we’d be happy to help!

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