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Roof Insurance Claims in Baytown, TX

Houston Roofing & Construction Helps With Roof Insurance Claims in Baytown, TX

Houston Roofing & Construction is one of the highest-quality residential roofing companies in Texas and our roofing repair and roofing replacement comes with not only a warranty, but a promise to give you the highest quality roof and craftsmanship possible. Here in Baytown, Texas, our licensed and experienced roofers will provide all of the services you need for all of your residential roofing projects. Whether it be a brand new roof that must be installed because of a storm that came through, or because you are looking to just upgrade to provide more energy-efficiency and support to your home, Houston Roofing & Construction can provide a roof that is customized to your home’s needs. Because we are the top company in all of Houston, TX and we are local, we care for our community and want to ensure that we provide the best roofing services to our customers.

Houston Roofing & Construction is the top roofing and roof replacement company in the Baytown, TX area and our experienced and licensed roofers are able to provide our homeowners with quality services and products for both residential and commercial needs. Because we are a premier company, we go above and beyond, and this is why we believe that it is important to understand roof insurance. So many insurance companies out there make it quite difficult for their clients to understand not only what is covered under their insurance, but how to even make a claim. The first step is really to speak with us here at Houston Roofing because having a licensed roofer create an estimate of the damage will help you through the claims process.

Our Roof Insurance Claims Experience

Houston Roofing & Construction can help you to understand your homeowner’s insurance policy information. The differences between what is covered and why is of utmost importance when taking out a policy, and the deductibles that are in place can make a difference whether or not you should even file a claim in the first place. Helping our clients understand their full policy is the first step and Houston Roofing & Construction wants to make sure that you are entitled to everything that you have paid for in your homeowners insurance policies through the years, which can include roof repairs and roof replacement.

Types Of Covered Damage

Houston Roofing & Construction can easily ascertain what type of damage has caused your roof to have issues. If there was a recent hail storm or a windstorm, or if it is just wear and tear over the years. Wear and tear is typically not covered on insurance policies because it is up to the homeowner to take care of their roof and it is a large liability for an insurance company. However, there are some items that are typically covered under a homeowners insurance policy.

Roof Equipment Leaks

Sometimes, you may have a leak from a piece of roof equipment that is attached to your roof such as an air conditioner. If this leak spreads into the roof and then into your home, there is a possibility that this is covered under your policy. However, it depends on the company and the type of policy you have taken out as well as any additional adjustments you have added on through the years. There are parts of an insurance contract that have add-ons in certain states for certain items, such as earthquakes in California or hurricanes in Louisiana. Looking at certain parts of your contract can allow you to gain some insight here.

Storm Damage

Hail and wind storms happen frequently in Texas. In fact, we have had a lot of them throughout the last few years. Typically, this type of damage will be covered under your policy. However, not all insurance adjusters understand the difference in types of damage and may just assume it is wear and tear which can cause issues with your claim. Now, this is why you must have an experienced and licensed roofer with an estimate in hand when starting the claims process. When you call your insurance carrier, they will ask if you have gotten an estimate yet from a licensed roofer. That is the first step and it is one of the first questions they ask besides when you noticed the damage and what type of damage it is. Because our free roof inspection will give you all of this information, you will have this information at the ready for your insurance company.

Personal Property

Many people do not know that if there is a covered “peril”, as insurance companies call storms, that personal property can be damaged and sometimes this is also covered in the insurance claims process. This is why at Houston Roofing & Construction, we implore our clients to take a picture or video of any internal damage, but it’s also a good idea to have a walk-through video or pictures of all of your personal items, from electronics to clothing, before anything occurs so the insurance company knows exactly how much the claim will be. If there is a storm and water leaks into the house or tears the roof off, this can create a huge amount of destruction to your personal items. Personal property under your homeowners policy shows how much coverage you will have and this can differ depending on policy, state, and whether you have made any adjustments to your policy to increase or decrease this amount.

What’s Not Covered

General Wear & Tear

There are no insurance policies that will cover general wear and tear on a roof. If you have recently moved into a new home and found there was an issue with your roof because they had not kept it up over the years, you will find that this will not be covered under your policy. If you have been living there for a while and did not notice a change until recently and it is deemed “wear and tear”, that will not be covered. But, once again, this is why you want a licensed roofer to do an inspection and find out the root cause of the damage as the insurance adjuster may not know exactly what they are looking at.


Believe it or not, freezes are sometimes not covered here in the state of Texas. We have been suffering from many freezes over the past few years and they do cause damage to roofs, plumbing, and pools. Freezing can affect your roof and the rest of your home, and remember, this can be seen as wear and tear as well and is typically not covered. The same goes for items like rodent infestation and one specifically-interesting one: not keeping your utilities on. Yes, if you are going on vacation for a year and turn everything off and take all of your items with you, your house is seen as vacant and if something happens to the roof during this time, it may not be covered.

Now That We Have Learned About Roof Insurance Claims, Why Should You Choose Houston Roofing

Roofs are what we specialize in! In fact, we also specialize in roof claims. Let us make things easier on you throughout the entire process. It can be very confusing. What’s also difficult is the weather patterns we have here in Texas. Let us help you get through your roof claim with ease.

When you work with Houston Roofing in Baytown, Texas you can expect:

Long-Lasting Warranty

Our extension warranty is far beyond most roofing companies out there and since we offer a free roof inspection and estimate, we are able to help you with both the insurance claims process and the roof installation or repair. Our warranty is just one of the many reasons to choose Houston Roofing in Baytown, Texas.

Master Elite Licensed Roofers

Our roofers are licensed. And, in Texas, roofers do not have to be licensed. Believe it or not, we went a step further and reached the GAF Master Elite License as well as the RCAT License. Our rating at the Better Business Bureau is an A+ and this is because our customers trust us and are happy with our work. We want to go above and beyond for our wonderful clients.

We Want To Make This Process Stress-Free

Here is a testimonial from The Garcias in Baytown, Texas.

  • The Garcias of Baytown, Texas
    “Ryan and HRC are true professionals. It was incredibly easy to schedule a visit. Ryan was thorough and knowledgeable and educated us on the repair and insurance process. We interviewed about 3 other companies and felt HRC and Ryan were most attentive and responsive with our concerns and questions. Once we agreed on repairs, the repairs were scheduled shortly after and done right and quickly. Overall, it was a seamless process. I will definitely be recommending Ryan and HRC to our friends and family.”

Other Services

Houston Roofing works with both commercial and residential clients here in the Baytown, Texas area. We wanted to make sure that we were able to provide several services so we can help all of the homeowners and business owners just in case there is a sudden storm or extreme leak, quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the specifics about our roofing services here in Baytown, Texas:

Roof Repair

Hail Damage Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Residential Roofing

We Can Help You With Your Roof Insurance Claims

Call at (832) 237-3737 or fill out our free estimate form and we can answer all of your questions, give you a free inspection and estimate and help you through the process. We are experienced and licensed in roofing and want to make sure that your home is safe and secure.

Are you outside of the Baytown, Texas area? We can still serve you. We provide services in the Spring and Cypress areas and throughout the Houston, Texas region.

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