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Roof Insurance Claims

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Replacing your Cinco Ranch, TX, roof may seem overwhelming, especially when you want your insurance company to take care of your replacement.

Many people cringe when dealing with their insurance because they often think about all the horror stories of denied claims, lengthy wait times, and much more. What if you could have someone working on your side to help you navigate the process of your roof insurance claim?

Working with a roofing contractor familiar with how insurance companies operate will help you feel better about the entire process. Houston Roofing & Construction is the roofing contractor to turn to when you need to replace your roof via your roof insurance company!

The Process With Roof Insurance Claims

Making a roof insurance claim may not be something you are well versed in. After all, how many people make claims on their insurance every year?

We have decades of experience working with customers and their roof insurance claims to get a new roof. We have outlined the process, so you can know what to expect.

1. Review Your Policy

Once you know roof damage has occurred on your home, it is time to take out your policy and review it. Mother nature is one of those covered elements with most roof insurance policies.

If your roof damage is due to hail, wind, or other acts of nature, then your policy will cover the damage.

2. Contact Your Insurance

You must start the process with your insurance company – the sooner you make the call, the better. When you reach out, the insurance company will probably ask routine questions, including what damage you have and when the damage happened.

They will then send an adjuster to your home to assess the roof.

3. Decision Time

After your adjuster has come and taken pictures of the damage and given their assessment, your insurance company will let you know their decision. They can deny your claim if they feel the roof damage is not covered under your policy.

For this reason, it is always important to read the fine print of your insurance policy and be prepared to fight the decision should it be denied.

If the claim is approved, you are ready to find an expert roofing contractor to handle the replacement. It is your decision on the roofing contractor you choose. We recommend finding the contractor you feel the most comfortable working with on the project – so you can have peace of mind throughout the project.

Why Do Customers Turn To HRC For Help?

The entire process of getting a roof insurance claim seems pretty straightforward, so why do people come to HRC for help with their claims? In short, many people turn to us because their claims have been denied.

In our many years of experience, we have found that insurance adjusters may not be as well versed as roofing professionals regarding damage and the cause of said damage. What the adjuster may deem age-related could be related to weather.

Our attention to detail has people turning to us when they want their insurance to cover their roof replacement. We can often help you file a claim with your insurance that includes our analysis to help sway the claim to be approved.

Our only goal is to replace your roof and hopefully have your insurance pay for most of the roof replacement for you – that is why you have insurance on your home.

FAQs About Roof Insurance Claims

Do You Have To Call The Insurance Company First?

No, you do not. You may find it easier to call us first and then let us help throughout the process. It could help you avoid denying the claim and then challenging the decision later.

Is There A Charge For Our Help With Insurance Claims?

Absolutely not! We want you to have a great roof, and if insurance should cover the cost, we aim to make it happen at no charge.

How Do You Know Your Roof Damage Is Covered By Insurance?

For this reason, we always suggest you call us for a free inspection of your roof. We can help determine if the damage is something most insurance companies will cover and then direct you to your next step.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Anthony R.
    “We had a Leak in the roof, and after weeks of back and forth with the insurance company, I called Houston Roofing and Construction for help. Blake came out and was very knowledgeable and professional. He inspected the roof and submitted all the necessary documentation. After a few days, we were approved for a new roof plus some additional repairs we didn’t know were needed at no extra cost. Blake and his team had it knocked out in a few hours, and we were good to go!”
  • Susan B.
    “Houston Roofing and Construction did a great job on my roof following a severe hail storm. All insurance work was dealt with BY THEM! No mess, a beautiful roof, and no damage to brand new gutters and LOTS of plants. I was extremely impressed with the work ethic and responsiveness of Adam. I was treated extremely well.”
  • Richard J.
    “We hired Houston Roofing and Construction for an insurance restoration project. Ryan (the Project Manager) was professional and very knowledgeable about both the insurance process and the restoration needs. Ryan and the team at HRC were easy to work with, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone that is dealing with property insurance and/or residential construction needs.”

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If your Cinco Ranch, TX roof requires replacement and you feel overwhelmed by the insurance claim process – let HRC help.

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