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At Houston Roofing And Construction, Roof Repair Is What We Do

Cinco Ranch, TX, homeowners know how damaging pop-up storms and hail can be for a roof. Whether your home has been damaged by severe weather, or you need routine maintenance from years of wear and tear, Houston Roofing and Construction can help repair your roof.

For over ten years, we’ve proudly served Cinco Ranch, TX, and surrounding areas, ensuring our customers get the roofing repairs they need. Our roofing experts are always knowledgeable and reliable, giving you long-lasting results.

All of our roof repairs come standard with a commitment to quality work and key features that help keep your home safe.

Accurate Assessments

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get a proper roof damage assessment. Some other roofing companies will briefly glance at or eyeball visible damage without bothering to look underneath – but that’s where the hidden dangers usually are.

You can only see so much from the outside, so once you thoroughly assess the damage, you often find underlying issues. Therefore, an accurate assessment is critical to properly fixing your Cinco Ranch, TX roof.

Additionally, insurance companies will usually only cover storm and hail damage, so it’s crucial to tell the difference between that and regular, expected wear. Besides being able to file a correct insurance claim, a proper assessment ensures you get paid for your repairs if still under warranty.

Reliability From Our Local Company

Many roofing companies only go where the storms are – we call them “storm chasers.” Unlike these companies, we are committed to staying put and building a reputable foundation within our community.

When you do business with a local company like ours, you know exactly who you’re dealing with at all times and where we are. We never quit projects mid-job, leaving customers out to dry like some of our competitors.

Instead, we spend the right amount of time on all our roof repairs, working efficiently and effectively. For our expert team, doing a great job is much more important than plowing through as many projects as possible.

An Entirely Hassle-Free Process

While some roofing contractors are still trying to figure out the magic formula, we’ve mastered the complete process. By narrowing down our approach to four levels of optimum efficiency, we ensure your entire project is hassle-free – and nothing falls through the cracks.

Here’s how we provide stress-free roofing repair for our Cinco Ranch, TX customers:

  1. Your assigned project manager ensures your project moves smoothly from start to finish.
  2. Our office production coordinator clearly communicates timelines and everything else you’ll need to know along the way.
  3. The foreman of your roofing repair crew is always on-site, coordinating and communicating during the repair process.
  4. Our owner, Jacey Gray, is involved in every roof repair project, adding the final level of quality control.

A Comprehensive 50-Year Warranty

Roofing warranties can get confusing, and that’s how other contractors like it. But we don’t believe in complicating roof repair — that’s why our warranty is straightforward and easy to comprehend. We don’t try to sneak restrictions or stipulations into the fine print – we tell you exactly what your warranty covers.

Our Golden Pledge Warranty covers your entire roofing system for 50 years of 100% non-prorated coverage. Plus, you’ll get a 25 Year Workmanship Warranty and complete coverage of any tear-off and disposal costs.

You might be asking yourself how we can afford to offer such an all-encompassing warranty – the answer is we conduct a 40-point inspection after all of our roof repairs. This ensures that nothing is forgotten and the installation is done correctly – the first time.

The Assurance Of Certification And Full Licensing

Believe it or not, roofing contractors do not have to be licensed or certified to operate in the state of Texas. While this is great news for inexperienced companies looking to make a quick buck, we go above and beyond to earn the full trust of our customers.

To ensure we are the best in the business, we are RCAT licensed, meaning we’ve shown proof of insurance, worker’s compensation for our employees, and financial responsibility. Additionally, our RCAT stamp means we’ve demonstrated proficiency in business, safety knowledge, and roofing through licensure exams.

Additionally, we’ve been certified by the leading roofing manufacturer, GAF, to install their roofing system. And if that weren’t enough, we’re also an accredited A+ business with the Better Business Bureau.

You’ve Already Weathered The Storm – Now Let A Reliable Cinco Ranch, TX Do Your Roof Repairs

Before the next big storm rolls through Cinco Ranch, TX, or when you need to address the normal wear and tear of an aging roof, rely on Houston Roofing and Construction to complete your project. Our highly-skilled installers ensure your roof repair is done right, paying attention to every detail.

With over 190+ five-star Google reviews, our customers have spoken, and now it’s your turn to experience the roof repair you deserve.

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