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Ensure A Strong And Safe Roof With Houston Roofing

Are you looking for storm damage roof repair in Conroe, TX? Choose the local experts at Houston Roofing & Construction to get the job done right. We all know how volatile the weather can be in our area, and you need a strong and safe roofing solution for your home.

Damage is more likely if your roof is not in the best shape when storm season hits the area. However, every home is susceptible to damage to its roof, regardless if it is six months old or fifteen years old.

When a storm hits and you know damage has happened, or if you want to ensure no damage has been caused, Houston Roofing are the experts to contact!

Storm Damage Repair In Conroe, TX

Sometimes roof damage from storms is very apparent. Other times, the damage may only be seen by a trained professional. Luckily, we can assess the state of your roof for free and determine what damage is present and how to repair it.

Storm Damage From Hail

Hail damage is very common to roofs in our area. The problem with hail damage is that it can cause small indentations and even holes in your roof’s shingles.

These small holes may not be seen from the ground, but if heavy rain hits, it could cause water to go under your shingles, leading to massive leaks.

Unfortunately, repairing hail storm damage often requires a complete roof replacement. There is no simple fix for small sections because hail damage is usually spread over the entire roof.

Luckily, we also understand how to work with insurance claims to have a replacement covered by your insurance company.

Storm Damage From Wind

Most people think the only time there is damage is when shingles start to flap in the wind. However, it is a bit more complex than that.

Under your shingles is a tar strip that holds this shingle down. These strips are self-sealing, meaning that even though a shingle may fly up, it often reseals once the wind dies.

The problem is that debris often blows onto this strip during a wind storm, preventing the shingle from sealing again.

Repairing wind damage may mean working on a specific section that is more affected than the rest of the roof. However, it often means replacing the entire roof if the tar strips are damaged.

Storm Damage From Flying Debris

Often when a storm hits, it may not be the wind that causes damage to your roof but rather the debris being blown around. Branches are the most common object tossed onto roofs – especially if you have trees near your home.

The issue with assessing flying debris damage is that most people do not notice the damage until they start seeing leaks in their homes. Depending on how the object landed on the roof will determine the extent of the damage and repair needed.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

One of the main reasons people turn to us in the Conroe, TX, area is how we handle your roofing project. We always assign a project manager to oversee everything. Your project manager will answer your questions, discuss the damage, and let you know the repair needed.

The peace of mind of knowing you have a dedicated person to call when you have issues is very reassuring.

Another important reason why homeowners turn to us is that we offer free assessments. We believe you should never have to pay someone to determine if your roof has been damaged or not. Our trained professionals will give an honest assessment of what state your roof is in.

Our core values at Houston Roofing and Construction are aimed at providing the best experience for our customers. These core values include:

  • Integrity is present in every situation, as we always do what is right in the case.
  • We hold everyone on our team to high standards. Everyone is held accountable for how they treat our customers and their work.
  • Education is vital to us, and we always strive to learn the latest technology, building codes, and materials.
  • Professionalism is always a high priority, whether it is showing respect for our customers and their homes or dealing with one another and our suppliers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Trinity J.
    “I highly recommend this company! They’re insured, licensed, have a Master Certification in roofing and more. The staff is professional, they go the extra mile for customers and exemplify integrity. Ryan listened to our needs and he’s a great communicator! Thank you”
  • H.
    “As soon as I found out the missing shingles from the roof, I googled to get help. I got the inspection and repair from this Houston Roofing and Construction with the project manager Justin. I greatly owed him for the thorough inspection and the prompt repair on the following day. His wonderful management and care made me feel relieved completely from worry of the following two days of hard rain after repair. Thank you for the service.”
  • Dain G.
    “HRC was fast, fair, and professional. Highly recommend!”
  • Laura B.
    “Houston Roofing & Construction has been our go-to for roofing repairs. Ryan is always quick to respond and get the job done, which as a mom of two little’s, I greatly appreciate! The pricing is fair, as well.”

FAQ About Storm Damage Roof Repair

Are There Situations When A Roof Cannot Be Repaired And Has To Be Replaced?

Yes! For example, hail damage often covers the entire roof – hence a roof replacement is the best repair option. During our assessment, we can explain your choices.

How Long Does Roof Repair Take?

The time needed depends upon what we are doing, the size of your roof, and our schedule. Your project manager can give a concrete time frame for your repair.

Is Our Roof Inspection Free?

Yes! Our free inspections are often why people turn to us. We believe in providing you with all the information at no charge to you.

Free Inspection For Storm Damage Repair For Your Conroe, TX Roof

If you worry that your Conroe, TX roof is damaged from past or recent storms, we offer a free inspection to assess the state of your roof.

Contact us or call us today at 832-237-3737 to make an appointment today.

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