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A house with a low-slope roof in Klein, TX, by Houston Roofing & Construction

Transform Your Home’s Appearance With A
Low-Slope Roof By Houston Roofing
And Construction In Klein, TX

A Low-Slope Roof Will Give
Your Home A Makeover

Have you considered a residential low-slope roof in Klein, TX?

Low-slope roofs offer a distinctive look and other benefits to homeowners. You may not have thought of some of these, like allowing space for a rooftop garden or going with a greener roofing system.

When an experienced contractor like Houston Roofing & Construction installs your low-slope roof, it can add gorgeous curb appeal to your home while also providing incredible performance.

Beautiful Low-Slope Roofing Services In Klein, TX

A house with a low-pitched roof in Klein, TX, by Houston Roofing & Construction

Residential Low-Slope Roofs

Low-slope roofs are as unique as they are different from traditional roofs. They offer benefits like generally being less expensive and sometimes being more practical.

The curb appeal factor is vital to some homeowners; low-slope roofs don’t disappoint. Their style options provide gorgeous, unique looks for homes that stand out in the neighborhood.

With maintenance typically easier to perform and more compatible with solar panels, low-slope roofs are becoming much more of a modern look.

A drone view of a factory roof in Klein, TX, by Houston Roofing & Construction

Why Choose Houston Roofing And Construction?

Providing A Better Option

An A+ Grade

Scoring highly in multiple categories, the Better Business Bureau® grades Houston Roofing & Construction at an A+.

Our standards are high because the homeowners of the Greater Houston area deserve a better roofing service, and we offer them that service.

We Stay Local

Expanding a business across large areas and multiple states can have drawbacks that we find unacceptable. We aren’t willing to sacrifice our values or quality, so we stay local and serve our home area.

No-Hassle Service

While home remodeling can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. With all the complexity involved in home renovations, you need a trusted contractor to handle it.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we want each homeowner to have as worry-free an experience as possible, and we strive to make that happen.

Customers Review Houston Roofing
And Construction In Klein, TX

Serving Our Community Well

  • Gilbert C.
    “Very professional, scheduling was great, the end product was beautiful. I have recommended this company to two neighbors so far, and they are currently working with this company to get their roofs replaced.”
  • Chandra M. A.
    “I recommend this company to anyone. They saved me from spending a lot of money on replacement costs and urgency created by other roofing companies, which, in fact, were not needed. The work was done promptly and also very professionally.”
  • Christopher B.
    “The company did a great job from start to finish with my roof replacement. The company representative handled all the details. Very professional, and everything was on time, at a good price, and with no surprises. I would recommend this company for roofing needs.”

5 Questions Asked In Klein, TX About
Houston Roofing And Construction

Q: Are You Licensed And Insured?

A: The state of Texas doesn’t license roofers, and we disagree with this wholeheartedly. We believe in standards and have taken it upon ourselves to earn a license with the Roofing Contractor Association of Texas (RCAT). We are a financially stable and fully insured company.

Q: Do You Offer Financing For Your Residential Low-Slope Roof Replacement Services?

A: We do! We’ve partnered with fantastic lenders to provide our customers with flexible financing options. You have the roof replacement you want now and have it the way you want it done.

Q: How Can I Get A Quote For A Residential Low-Slope Roof In Klein, TX?

A: For an estimate on a low-slope roof, you only need to contact us at (832) 237-3737 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Q: What Areas Do You Offer Roofing Services?

A: We serve the Greater Houston area, including Klein, TX. Please visit our service areas page for a full list of the areas we serve.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Your Company?

A: More information about Houston Roofing & Construction is below:

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