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Exceptional and Fine Quality Roof Repair in Pearland, TX

Houston Roofing Ensures Repairing Your Roof is Straightforward and Cost-Effective

Weather fronts and wear and tear are inevitable when owning a home and over time, roof repairs are needed to ensure your home’s integrity. Houston Roofing is dedicated to protect your home from future storms and is dedicated to providing the highest-quality roof repairs in the Pearland area focusing on quality as well as design to ensure our clientele is completely satisfied. Consumer Reports has even put together a dedicated informational page on the importance of roof repair and the safety of your roof and how it can affect your home and family.

A multitude of roofing repair companies are within the Pearland Area, but Houston Roofing remains the distinct choice because of its certified staff and promise of quality and experience.

Texas families know that we give an honest inspection focusing on details, longevity, materials, timeframe and pricing. We will give a full assessment of your roof, the history of any damage and address all of your concerns to ensure that you are fully satisfied and educated on the process.

Important Questions to Ask When Choosing A Roofing Repair Company

While you can spend days or even weeks searching the internet for the best roofing repair company in the Pearland, TX area, Houston Roofing has made it easy to examine our company’s reputation right up front. Below is an excellent list of important questions to ask any roofing company, but we have added our answers below so you understand that Houston Roofing takes its process and ethics seriously.

Do you have a license to work on my roof?

Answer: We do. But what is most interesting, is that the state of Texas does not require a license to work on a roofing project. We believe that any professional roofer should be licensed, so we have gained the RCAT License & also hold GAF Master Elite License which in the United States only 3% of roofers currently have.

Is a Better Business Bureau Rating Important?

Answer: We think so! We have an A+ Rating on BBB, but it’s a great place to search to find the best home improvement companies out there.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Answer: This is a wonderful question to ask any company! If they are guaranteeing their work, you want to find out for how long this guarantee or warranty will last! Our extension warranty is well-beyond the majority of roofing companies out there and yes, we do offer an amazing warranty on our work.

Are there different materials for my roof that I should know about?

Answer: Every roof is unique and age and wear and tear can take a toll, so it’s important to ask about what type of roof is best for the weather conditions in your area. Houston Roofing is an expert on Texas roof repair, so we can help to educate our clients on which roof is the best fit for their needs.

Is this going to be a very long process?

Answer: Some roof projects may take a few hours to a few days, but because we are detail-oriented and believe quality and communication is key, we will give you a timeframe that meets your needs.

I want to see examples of other roofs you have repaired before I hire you. Where can I go to see your projects?

We are very proud of our work at Houston Roofing. Click here to See our gallery.

How much is this going to cost?

Answer: That will depend on the type of roof, the size, your choices and also insurance coverage.

Is my homeowner’s insurance going to cover any of this?

Answer: This is one of the biggest reasons to choose Houston Roofing. We understand the insurance process and can help you through it. Much of this is dependent on your insurance policy, but we can help you in the claims process.

Over the past few years, we have had severe freezes here in Texas. Does a freeze affect my roof?

Answer: Unfortunately, the Pearland, TX area has experienced some devastating storms and freezes over the past few years and this can affect your roof. Freezes can also occur in your plumbing systems, pools and other areas of your home, so we can help to educate you on how to keep your home safe through winterization. Many insurance companies do not cover freezes, so it’s important to take care of your home in case of these types of freezing situations.

Have you dealt with roof repair projects that have included hail damage?

Answer: Yes, we have! Pearland, TX has absolutely had it’s fair share of hail storms through the years and we can help to make sure your roof is prepared for wind, hail, hurricanes, and freezes.

Choosing Houston Roofing is a Simple Choice Because of Quality and Work Ethic

You can expect only the best when working with Houston Roofing

  • Clear and Concise Communication
  • We believe in a Stress-Free Process
  • Full Assessment and Inspection of Your Roof
  • Exact Pricing
  • Caring and Patient Staff that will address all of your concerns
  • We understand homeowner’s insurance
  • Our craftsmanship is licensed and credentialed

Houston Roofing is happy to provide other services in the Pearland area

We are pleased to be able to provide services throughout the entire county:

Commercial Roof Installation

Roofing Insurance Claims

Full Roof Installation

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