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The back of a house with solar shingles in Sugar Land, TX,  by Houston Roofing & Construction

Generate Your Own Energy With Solar
Shingles By Houston Roofing And
Construction In Sugar Land, TX

Solar Shingles Will Change Your
Home In A Variety Of Ways

There have been many advancements in solar technology over the decades, and solar shingles in Sugar Land, TX could be perfect for your home.

Installed by a trusted contractor with the experience and necessary expertise with the materials, your home can produce its own electricity. At the same time, those same solar shingles can protect your house from the elements of nature.

Learn more about solar shingles and contact Houston Roofing & Construction to begin upgrading your roof today!

Marvelous Solar Shingles Services In Sugar Land, TX

The front of a house with solar shingles in Sugar Land, TX,  by Houston Roofing & Construction

Solar Shingles

Are you looking for a green option to reduce your environmental impact? Maybe you’re looking towards the future and want to reduce your energy bills – not only in the near future but even years from now when utility prices will be even higher.

Solar technology has only been advancing, and solar shingles are the next step forward.

Instead of being installed as panels on top of your roof, solar shingles are installed as your roof itself. Durable and weather-resistant, your solar shingles will give your home a unique look and perform admirably.

On top of that, your solar shingles could also produce extra energy your home doesn’t need, allowing you to sell it to a local utility company.

A worker on a roof installing solar shingles in Sugar Land, TX, by Houston Roofing & Construction

Why Choose Houston Roofing And Construction
In Sugar Land, TX For Solar Shingles?

Raising The Standard

An A+ Grade

The Better Business Bureau® has rated us an A+, grading us highly across their many categories.

We’re always striving to exceed the standard we’ve set for ourselves, and this grade stands as a testament to the standard we’ve exceeded set by others as well.

A Local Company

We’re a local company, and we’re going to stay that way. Expansion is not something we want, as it would pull our focus from what matters most: our customers.

Our community in the Greater Houston area trusts us with their homes, and we refuse to sacrifice our core values and the quality of our work to chase business across other states.

A Stress-Free Installation

You don’t have to worry about all the details of your installation with Houston Roofing & Construction. Let us take on your home renovation project and deliver you as worry-free an experience as possible.

Our Customers Review Houston Roofing
And Construction In Sugar Land, TX

A Reputation Earned Through Results

  • Kerlys A.
    “Everything was handled very professionally. The project manager answered all of my questions and walked me through the whole process of my roof replacement. When the roofers were done, the project manager on site checked the clean-up and inspected my roof.”
  • D. Howell
    “Houston Roofing and Construction is our go-to for roofing and construction projects. They did an excellent job on our roof installation several years ago.”
  • Matt B.
    “We had our roof replaced, and the process was painless. The project manager was great to work with, and the work was top-notch. It was very reasonably priced, and the job was completed very quickly. I highly recommend them.”

Common Questions Asked In Sugar Land, TX

Q: Are You Licensed And Insured?

A: Yes, Houston Roofing & Construction is a financially stable company that is also fully insured.

Even though the state of Texas doesn’t license roofing contractors, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to earn a license with the Roofing Contractor Association of Texas (RCAT).

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: Our lending partners have designed versatile financing options for your home improvement needs.

With competitive interest rates and quick approvals, you’re right at the doorstep of your next home remodel.

Q: How Can I Get A Quote For Solar Shingles?

A: For a quote, schedule an appointment with us, and during your consultation, you’ll receive all the information, including a quote, that you’ll need to make the best decision for your home.

You can also call us at (832) 237-3737.

Q: What Areas Do You Offer Roofing Services?

A: We serve Sugarland, TX and the Greater Houston Area. Visit our service areas page for more locations.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Your Company?

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