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A house with red brick siding and a flat roof in The Heights by Houston Roofing & Construction.

Residential Low-Slope Roofs Add Style
And Substance In The Heights

A Low-Slope Roof Replacement
Can Bring Many Benefits

Are you thinking about replacing your residential low-slope roof in The Heights?

Low-slope roofs are unique for a variety of reasons. It’s not just the eye-catching shape but how beautiful some look when driving through a neighborhood.

Curb appeal aside, if you want to replace your low-slope roof, you’ll need a contractor to do the job correctly.

You need Houston Roofing & Construction.

We’re a trusted roofer in Greater Houston who provides masterful roofing installations and outstanding customer service

Outstanding Residential Low-Slope
Roofing Services In The Heights

The front of a house with a flat roof in The Heights by Houston Roofing & Construction.

Residential Low-Slope Roofs

If your low-slope roof is older, a replacement could be the perfect choice for your home.

Advancements in roofing technology offer better materials, installations, and overall quality than roofs installed decades ago.

Low-slope roofs offer exceptional energy efficiency, less challenging maintenance, and can be budget-friendly. Last but not least, material choices for low-slope roofs are each unique in their own right, offering different benefits.

The corner of a house's flat roof is being rained on in The Heights.

Why Choose Houston Roofing And
Construction In The Heights?

A Reliable, Professional Roofer

The Better Business Bureau® Gives Us An A+ Grade

An A+ from the Better Business Bureau® means we scored highly throughout their grading categories.

We not only set high standards for ourselves, but we meet the high standards set by the Better Business Bureau®.

We’re Locally Focused

When businesses expand, they lose something. They lose focus on the customers and the community that they cared so much for when building their business.

We’ve chosen to stay local to hold true to our core values. These values have driven us to deliver excellent service to our community over the years.

Home Construction Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

With Houston Roofing & Construction, your residential roof replacement doesn’t have to be a worry-filled experience. Let us organize and execute your construction project while you enjoy the wonderful experience home remodeling should be.

Our Customers Review Houston Roofing
And Construction In The Heights

A Community That Prefers Us

  • Loye E.
    “Houston Roofing & Construction provided my family with a great roof. The job was done promptly. The project manager did a great job walking us through the whole process. We were very impressed, and I highly recommend them to anyone needing roof work.”
  • Al P.
    “Houston Roofing & Construction did an excellent job replacing our entire roof and repairing ceiling damage. I highly recommend them.”
  • Dianne W.
    “Houston Roofing provides excellent service, and I will use them for all my roofing needs in the future!”

5 Questions Asked In The Heights About
Houston Roofing And Construction

Q: Are You Licensed And Insured?

A: Yes, we are a fully insured roofing company with a Roofing Contractor Association of Texas (RCAT) license.

Q: Do You Offer Financing For Your Residential Low-Slope Roofing Services?

A: Our excellent lending partners provide our customers with flexible financing plans. Whether low-interest or low-monthly payments, our plans can assist you in covering the cost of your low-slope roof replacement.

Q: How Can I Get A Quote For A Residential Low-SlopemRoof Replacement In The Heights?

A: Scheduling an appointment for a consultation will get you everything you need, including an inspection and a quote for a low-slope roof replacement. Call us at (832) 237-3737.

Q: What Areas Do You Offer Roofing Services?

A: We offer roofing services in The Heights and Greater Houston. More locations where we are available can be found on our service areas page.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Your Company?

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