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Advance Your Roof Into The Future With
Solar Shingles In The Woodlands, TX

A Different Option For Solar If You Don’t
Like The Clunky Looking Panels

Have you heard about replacing your roof’s shingles with solar shingles in The Woodlands, TX?

Generating your own energy sounds like a great idea. You’ve seen the solar panels and looked into the price, but have you heard about the advancements in solar roofing?

Solar shingles could be the path forward for a lot of homeowners. With Houston Roofing and Construction you could have solar shingles installed by master craftsmen and backed with one of the strongest roofing warranties available.

If you’re looking into replacing your roof in the Montgomery County area, consider solar shingles. Lower your energy costs, increase your curb appeal, and more.

Solar Shingles Usher In A New Era Of
Solar Roofing In The Woodlands, TX

Solar Shingles The Woodlands Area Tx Houston Roofing & Construction

Solar Shingles

Solar roofing has become more popular over the last few decades. Homeowners have been interested and are even more so now that the technology has advanced.

Solar panels were the standard. However, some homeowners didn’t love the clunky or sometimes overstated look it gives to a home. That’s where solar shingles come in.

Instead of large panels on top of your roof, solar shingles are installed as your roofing shingles – pulling double duty, as it were. They protect your home as a traditional roof and produce energy for your home as solar panels would.

If you’re interested in solar roofing, then solar shingles could be the perfect option for your roof.

A house with red brick and a black roof in The Woodlands, TX, by Houston Roofing and Construction.

Why Choose Houston Roofing And Construction
In The Woodlands, TX, For Solar Shingles?

Houston’s Roofing Contractor Of Choice

If you want phenomenal roofing results, you’re in the right place. We here at Houston Roofing and Construction have set ourselves apart as the go-to roofing contractor in the Montgomery County area.

A+ BBB Rating

Rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau® we’ve been proving ourselves for years. It’s the way we run our business that makes us an exceptional company.

Our integrity. Our transparent business practices. Our quality of service.

Houston Roofing and Construction has earned its place as a trusted contractor, and we strive to continue delivering incredible service with each project we take on.

Local Focus

A company founded in Houston. A company built in Houston serving Houston’s customers. We’re focused on our community and doing what’s best for each of our customers here in the Montgomery County area.

There are many drawbacks to expanding to many different areas and states, so we’ve chosen not to do that.

We’ve chosen to stay local.

Hassle-Free Service

Having solar shingles installed on your roof doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing experience. You can hire a contractor who eliminates the worry and provides a smooth project from start to finish.

By hiring the right staff and operating the right way, we offer our customers the one thing most contractors can’t.

Peace of mind.

Customer Reviews Of Houston Roofing And
Construction In The Woodlands, TX

We’re Exactly Who We Say We Are

  • Xin W.
    “Justin was wonderful to work with and made sure all of my questions were answered. So reliable and trustworthy.”
  • Lynn D.
    “After a year of different companies, Houston Roofing and Construction knew the issue right away and fixed it!”
  • Michelle L.
    “I contacted this company after I saw their sign in a neighbor’s yard. I contacted them and had the pleasure of working with the project manager Robert. Awesome work at a great price. Robert was very professional and went step by step in the process with me, he always emphasized that he was a phone call away if I had additional questions. The crew were respectful of the property and completed the job in one day, and the clean-up was impressive.”

5 Questions The Woodlands, TX Homeowners
Ask About Houston Roofing And Construction

Q: Why Choose Houston Roofing And Construction?

A: As Houston’s trusted roofing contractor, choosing us puts your roof in the right hands for the job.

Having solar shingles installed by Houston Roofing and Construction offers you, our valued customers, high-quality roofing materials and installations by master craftsmen.

Q: Do You Offer Financing For Your Roofing Services?

A: Yes, we offer financing options for solar shingles and other roofing services.

We have different plans with different interest rates and payment structures. You’re sure to find an option that will be the right one to assist you with your roofing costs.

Q: How Can I Get A Quote For Solar Shingles In The Woodlands, TX?

A: For a free quote on solar shingles simply contact us to set up an appointment.

Q: What Areas Do You Offer Solar Shingles?

A: We serve the Montgomery County area, offering services to The Woodlands, TX and much more. View our service areas for a complete list.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Houston Roofing?

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