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Are you ready to give your roof an update? Don’t try to do it yourself and don’t trust just anyone with the job. You need an experienced and trusted Tomball, TX, roofing contractor who can provide you with efficient and friendly service. Houston Roofing can provide you with a strong roof that is capable of withstanding the harsh Texas weather and lasting for decades.

Whether you need a brand-new commercial roof or your residential roof needs some repairs, our licensed and skilled contractors are happy to get the job done right. We have financing options and a variety of roofing styles to choose from, making any roofing project a breeze.

Reasons To Hire A Roofing Contractor

Repairing or replacing a roof is a big task, and hiring the right roofing contractor can eliminate a lot of the stress and worry. Some reasons to choose a contractor are outlined below.


Safety is crucial for any type of home renovation or repair. The best way to ensure the safety of your home, business, employees, and family is to hire a professional roofing contractor.

The experts at Houston Roofing are highly-trained in roofing safety protocols and our contractors ensure that roofing crews follow them at all times.


Roofing acts as a barrier and is a critical line of defense for your home. It needs to be installed properly and with precision to ensure water, wind, and debris can’t affect it. Contractors are highly-skilled at making residential roof repairs and installing new roofs.

Whether you have residential metal roofs, residential asphalt shingle roofs, commercial low slope roofs, or even commercial multi-family asphalt roofs, a Tomball, TX, roofing contractor and crew will know exactly how to complete the installation or repairs with amazing precision.

Material Quality

You should only choose the best materials for your roofing. It’s easy to cut corners to save money with inferior quality materials, but you get what you pay for. Inferior materials won’t perform as well or last as long as premium quality materials.

Not only will better materials look best, but they will also hold up to the elements and last much longer. The right roofing contractor will work with the best roofing materials and know which ones hold up, offer the best value, and work best on your home.

Professional Workmanship

There may be a lot of options for roof repairs and installations, but you don’t want to trust just anyone with your precious home. Only a trained and experienced roofing contractor will be able to provide the professional workmanship that separates a good roof from an amazing roof.

Local Reputation

Choosing a local roof contractor means that you can learn more about them before you hire them for the job and can rest assured that they have a reputation they want to protect.

Local contractors are more likely to value their relationships with customers and work harder to ensure you are happy with the results of your new or newly repaired roof.

What Can A Roofing Contractor Do For Your Home?

Hiring a roofing contractor for residential asphalt shingle replacement goes beyond just having someone take care of the problem for you. A roofing contractor can do much more than that, such as the following:

  • Help You Choose The Right Roofing For Your Home
  • Provide A Complete Inspection And Free Estimate
  • Repair Existing Roofing
  • Install New Roofing
  • Provide Tips For Maintaining Your Roof

Qualities Of An Excellent Roofing Contractor

When you start searching for a roofing contractor in Harris County, make sure you have clear expectations and don’t settle for anything less than what you need.

An Impressive Portfolio

At Houston Roofing & Construction, our contractors take pride in every project and only provide top-notch roofing services. Don’t just take our word for it; check out our gallery of photos showing some of our local projects. You can check out roofs we have repaired after hail damage and storm damage, and even new installations.

Licensing And Certification

When you know a roofing contractor is licensed and certified, it gives you a little more peace of mind that they will provide you with professional services. We are RCAT licensed and GAF Master Elite Certified.

Local Service Area

To be good at what you do, you have to love and take pride in it. When you choose a Greater Houston area roofing contractor for your home, you can trust that they care about you as a customer. You can also ask around to learn more about their reputation. We focus on a small service area so we can provide the best and most personalized services to our customers.

Straightforward Communication

You deserve to be kept in the loop about what is happening with your roofing project, and a good contractor will make sure that happens. Feel free to ask us any questions, or bring up any concerns you have.

We provide a full assessment and estimate so you know exactly what to expect from start to finish. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and we aim to make it a hassle-free experience.

Why Choose Houston Roofing & Construction
For Your Tomball, TX, Home?

You only want the best when it comes to your home or business. So choose a trusted and local company in Tomball, TX, and the surrounding area to handle all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Our teams are licensed, certified, experienced, and friendly.

We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, where we hold an A+ rating. Our project managers work to ensure our teams are doing professional work at all times and providing the best customer service experience possible.

Let our roofing contractors handle all your roofing needs. Give us a call at (832) 237–3737 or contact us through this form to arrange an assessment today.

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