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There is never a good time to have your roof repaired, even when you know it is coming. Tomball is known for its long, hot, and oppressive summers, and the last thing you need is another thing to dread. We know that investing in roof repair can be confusing, stressful, and expensive. We always are creating new ways to relieve your worries and stress before, during, and after the process.

There Are Several “Free Roof” Roof Contractor Scammers Out in
Houston…Make Sure You Can Spot Fraud.

We get it; FREE is very enticing, especially when it comes to your home’s roof. But, just like the old saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true.” Some unscrupulous business practices (helping you out with the deductible) that some contractors use to commit fraud can get you charged with multiple kinds of fraud if you decide to move forward with them.

How To Spot Roofing Contractor Insurance Fraud in Tomball and How We Help You Save Big $$$

Here are some of the frequently mentioned phrases by scammers so you can avoid any legal woes and other financial problems. These are flashing red lights that you are about to be scammed and need to exit the conversation immediately.

They can help you out with the deductible.

Creating an invoice to show the insurance company that is different from the invoice used to charge the homeowner is, by definition, fraud. (And once the fraudulent invoice is sent to your insurance company via fax or email, it becomes wire fraud).

They will tell you they can get you a “free roof” using an insurance claim.

Many sketchy contractors operate fly-by-night operations and look for opportunities to get you (unsuspecting homeowner) a free illegal roof. Once you become a party to the fraud, you are as responsible as the perpetrator of it.

We know what conditions the adjusters are checking for. We have worked with insurance companies for over a decade; we work on behalf of your best interest, not the insurance company’s interests, to reduce cost. And in many cases, it will be covered under the homeowners’ policy.

If they offer to waive or absorb the deductible

This is often a sign of a take the money and run scam, with fake contracts and shoddy quality.

At Houston Roofing, we work with the adjusters, using our expert and experienced eye. Even a slight amount of storm damage to your roof can allow water to penetrate and lead to further damage inside your attic and home. We conduct a FREE damage inspection; we carefully verify and document the storm damage with our exacting attention to detail.

When You are Working with Houston Roofing, We Take the Stress Off Your Shoulders.

  • Accredited by the BBB, they give us an A+ rating
  • All team members are employees and are not contractors
  • Design the right process for your situation, eliminating stress for the homeowner.
  • We give an honest assessment and suggest the next steps even if you do not move forward with us.
  • We are local, care about our community, and do not go across the country chasing storm damage.

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We also provide additional roofing services in the city of Tomball.

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