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We’ve all noticed them around Houston…the down-right ugly, eye sore solar panels. And though they may be environmentally friendly, who wants their roof to be the joke of the neighborhood?

We certainly don’t. But we’ve got excellent news!

Now there’s a way to upgrade your Houston roof for better energy efficiency WITHOUT the unseemly look of traditional solar panels. Solar shingles are one of the fastest-growing “green” upgrades you can make to your home. And guess what?


While rack-mounted solar panels sit on top of your roof and draw unwanted attention (and potential roofing issues), our solar shingle roofing systems BLEND into the rest of your roof.

This means the only thing standing out on your roof is its integrated beauty.

Plus, at Houston Roofing & Construction, our solar shingles are environmentally friendly and can save you hundreds in energy costs. And you’ll never have to sacrifice beauty for quality because our high-performance solar products also protect your home against the harshest weather.

Solar Panels: Big. Boxy. Bulky.

Bulky solar panels on roof of Houston house

Solar Shingles: Sleek. Stylish. Seamless.

Exterior of Houston home with solar shingles on roof

Experience The Benefits Of Our Solar Shingles

Upgrade Your Roof With Our Superior GAF Solar Shingles

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We know you have choices when it comes to solar solutions for your Houston home. And we also know WE have choices regarding solar roofing manufacturers. But like our asphalt shingles, we’ve researched and tested to ensure our solar shingles meet our high-quality standards.

For us, this means offering GAF solar products – because we know that our GAF solar shingles give you the maximum benefits when switching to solar energy. Here are some ways our solar shingle products reign supreme.

1. Seamless Roofing Integration

When investing in solar roofing products, there’s a huge difference between panels and shingles – and aesthetics is one of them. But with solar shingles, their blended “look” ALSO drives their performance value.

In other words, solar shingles are far superior in energy efficiency BECAUSE of their whole roof integration. Built smaller and much thinner than traditional solar panels, solar shingles have greater flexibility. This gives them a higher conversion efficiency rate and gives you greater energy savings!

2. Built To Withstand Weather Extremes

With our GAF Timberline Solar roofs, Houston’s hurricane season doesn’t stand a chance.

Our solar shingles are built to shed water while withstanding wind speeds up to 130 mph, making them just as tough as our other GAF roofing products.

Plus, solar shingle technology gives your roof better waterproofing than traditional solar panels by providing seamless installation and keeping your roof moisture-free.

3. Uncompromised, Smoother Installation

Installing rack-mounted solar panels requires specialized techniques that could puncture your roof and compromise your waterproofing. However, our solar shingles are installed similarly to our asphalt shingles to preserve your roof’s integrity and ensure it stays watertight.

Plus, GAF Timberline Solar Shingles are the world’s first nailable solar shingles, making your installation just as quick and effective as an asphalt shingle installation. This means less inconvenience for you and more energy savings.

4. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Shingle performance is critical, but what’s the point if it doesn’t look great while performing well? Unlike solar panels that stand out on a roof, our solar shingles blend with the rest of your asphalt shingles for outstanding curb appeal. We offer a variety of solar shingle colors to give your home the look and feel you want.

Beautiful Houston home with newly installed solar shingles on roof

Why Choose Houston Roofing & Construction For
Your Solar Shingle Installation?

From Our GAF Master Elite Certification To Our Smooth
Process, We Always Deliver Outstanding Results

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At Houston Roofing & Construction, we work tirelessly to deliver the best roofing results in Houston and surrounding areas. And to ensure we do just that, we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

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  • Steven F.
    “We did a lot of research prior to selecting a company to replace our roof. We decided to go with Houston Roofing and Construction since they went above and beyond in obtaining certifications that are above state standards…I highly recommend using Houston Roofing and Construction for any of your roofing or gutter needs.”
  • Robert R.
    “Good quality, professional, and responsive. The contractor completed the roof on time under adverse conditions. The excellent manager (Justin Millard) was attentive to the work and the homeowner’s concerns. Very good follow-up after job completion.”
  • Kerlys A.
    “Everything was handled very professionally. My Project Manager Robert answered all of my questions and walked me through the whole process of my roof replacement. When the roofers were done, the Project Manager on site checked the clean-up, inspected my roof, and went into my attic to make sure everything went well. They even followed up with me a few days later. Great service overall!”

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