Our Core Values


Our Core Values Are The Beating Heart Of Our Company

4 Non-Negotiable Values That Focus
On Our Customers’ Best Interest

Houston Roofing Core Values

Let’s face it: Without a rock-solid set of core values, a company can start to let standards slip. And once they start slipping, it can be WAY too easy to keep going in the wrong direction.

We never want that to happen at Houston Roofing & Construction. So we’ve created a Core Values statement that stay front and center for us every single day. For decisions both big and small, we simply turn to these values and let them guide us.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values all grow out of one key philosophy: Always Do What’s Best For Our Customers – NO EXCEPTIONS. With that focus we can never go wrong.

Integrity First

Doing right is always the right thing to do. If it costs us more, takes more time, or is inconvenient – none of that matters when our integrity is at stake. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, and it’s up to us to always act with integrity both internally and externally.

Accountable To A Higher Standard

We build and maintain a culture of self-accountability at Houston Roofing & Construction. Every team member is accountable to every other team member, but most of all to our customers. Finger-pointing, excuse making, and sloppy work are NEVER acceptable.

Education Matters

Since being a roofer in Texas does not require a license, it’s up to us to continually seek the highest levels of education about roofing. It’s why we voluntarily meet standards for certification, licensing, and education that far exceed the typical, and why we promise to always stay on top of the latest building code, material, and technology updates.

Professionalism Is Mandatory

We believe that professionalism is a key mindset for delivering on our promises. We will always conduct ourselves with dignity and show respect to everyone we meet as part of our work. This includes our customers, our fellow team members, vendors, and the wider community – there are no exceptions.

Why We Think Core Values Matter

We could cut our costs by being less focused on our Core Values. Holding ourselves to a higher standard costs us more in time and money. We could choose to be like the majority of Houston roofing companies – even the reputable ones – who typically don’t invest in all the certifications and education that we do.

They don’t invest in the types of systems that make our customer experience better. They typically hire their project managers as sub-contractors, not true employees like we do.

However, even if it costs us more up front, we think in the long run this is the smart way to do business – even if it doesn’t always show up on the profit and loss statement. Homeowners trust us, refer us, call on us for other home improvement projects, and leave us wonderful online reviews. It makes it all worthwhile.

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