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Who will manage my roofing project?

Houston Roofing & Construction is somewhat unique compared to most roofing contractors. We have a professional team of project managers who work directly for us. While most roofers sub-contract, our guys our trained better, treated better, and have a loyalty to doing what’s in the best interests of our customers because they work directly for Houston Roofing.

Your project manager is with you from the very first assessment all the way through to completion. For more information, please visit our Pro Project Management page.

Are you rated by the Better Business Bureau?

We’re a fully accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and they have awarded us their highest rating of A+. You can read more about that here.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the Houston area. Many roofing companies choose to chase business all over the state or even out of state. That’s their right, but we choose to stay a truly local Houston roofing company so we can best serve our customers here.

When you go all over the state or elsewhere, you have to pull resources to those areas, and this can lead to a more chaotic experience for homeowners here in Houston. For more on this, please visit our Truly Local page.

And for more specifics on what communities we serve in and around Houston, please visit our Service Areas page.

How can I get a quote for a replacement roof or a roof repair?

We make it easy to schedule a free consultation and quote – go here to get an appointment. We give 100% honest assessments. Our project managers have the knowledge to give you a completely accurate assessment.

We also maintain the highest integrity. If you only need a repair, we’ll tell you that. If we know that your roof should be replaced to protect your home, we’ll tell it to you straight. For more on this, please visit our Honest Assessments page.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are not licensed by the state of Texas… because Texas does not license roofers! You are not even required to register with the state to call yourself a roofing company. But we strongly believe that standards DO matter, so we voluntarily have earned the license of the Roofing Contractor Association of Texas (RCAT).

We also are:

  • Fully insured.
  • Financially stable.
  • GAF Master Elite Certified.

With us, you have complete peace of mind that you have chosen a stable, reputable roofing company.

For more on RCAT Licensing, please visit this page.

How can I tell one Houston roofer from another, or are they all pretty much the same?

They are NOT all the same. You’ll find everything from a guy with just a truck and a ladder, all the way up to mega companies that chase business all over the state and beyond.

We’re different. Instead of sub-contracting out our projects, we have full-time project managers who are our employees. Instead of going after business everywhere, we stay local to Houston to best serve our customers.

The best place to start to discover more about who we are and what we believe is to visit Our Core Values page.

Can I finance a replacement roof?

Yes, you can apply with financing through our lending partners. We make it fast and easy to apply, and approval is typically lightning fast. There is no obligation – you can explore your options. For more information, please visit our Financing page.

We also have a Roofing FAQs page with more detailed questions and answers about roofing products, warranties, and more. Go here to see more FAQs.

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