GAF Master Elite


Out Of All The Top Roofers In The Nation,
GAF Chose Houston Roofing To Win Their HIGHEST Award

We Won The President’s Club Award Because We Earned It.

Figuring out who to contact about roof replacement can be confusing. There are a lot of different claims from many different roofers, and they can be hard to sort through.

Instead of claims, we prefer facts. And the fact is we were selected from the elite roofers in the nation by GAF (the biggest roofing manufacturer in North America), to win their HIGHEST award – the President’s Club Award.

Only 1% or 2% of roofing contractors in the entire nation win this award. It’s reserved for the best of the best.

To qualify for this prestigious award, we first needed to earn GAF’s top certification and become GAF Master Elite certified. Less than 3% of roofers nationwide earn this level of certification.

To go on to win the President’s Club Award, we had to prove without a doubt that we stood apart from everyone else — even among the elite. We met strict criteria in three different categories: performance, reliability, and service.

When it comes to your home, don’t take risks. Choose GAF’s President’s Club award winner, to be 100% sure that you’ll get a quality, reputable, and expert contractor.

GAF President's Club
GAF Master Elite

The Reason We Can Offer You The Very Best GAF Warranty

President’s Club Award allows us to offer GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty, the very best warranty possible. The reason they allow us to offer their top warranty is simple: they know we install roofs the right way.

GAF will back their products for decade after decade as long as they are sure the roofer is installing the products exactly as intended. That’s exactly what we do, and why we can offer the superb GAF Golden Pledge Warranty.

Check Out This Quick Guide To The Golden Pledge Warranty

Here’s some quick comparisons of the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty with a typical roof warranty:

For more information about this, please visit our Real Warranty page.

Shingle Defect Warranty, 100% Coverage
  • Others: Typical Warranty: 10 Years
  • Us: Golden Pledge Warranty: 50 Years
Installation Labor Included for Replacing Shingles
  • Others: Typical Warranty: 10 Years
  • Us: Golden Pledge Warranty: Lifetime
Workmanship Coverage for Shingles
  • Others: Typical Warranty: 2 Years
  • Us: Golden Pledge Warranty: 25 Years
Good Housekeeping Protection on Roofing System
  • Others: Typical Warranty: No, does not qualify for this prestigious seal
  • Us: Golden Pledge Warranty: Yes

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