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Our Roof Projects Are Designed To Be 100% Stress-Free

Let’s face it. Home remodeling contractors don’t always have the best reputation among homeowners.

There are too many contractors out there that get into the roofing business because they have a truck, a mobile phone, and a ladder. That’s especially true in Texas where roofing companies aren’t even required to get a license.

Even among more reputable Houston roofers, service is often poor because overworked owners are trying to do everything themselves, hiring whatever help they can get from sub-contractors as they need them.

But your roof repair or roof replacement does not have to be a stressful experience – there is a better way.

By building the right team, having the right technology, and designing the right processes, we eliminate stress for homeowners.

The Best Team In Houston Roofing

One crucial thing that separates us from ordinary Houston roofing companies is the education, training, and quality of our project managers.

Most roofers hire sub-contractors to run projects and crews, but we’re different. Our elite team of project managers work directly for us. We treat them right, pay them better, give them benefits, and have trained them to be the best in the roofing industry.

You’ll notice the difference right from the start during your initial free consultation – you’ll love our honest, professional assessments. You can learn more by visiting our Honest Assessments page.

Technology Used The Right Way

We’ve invested in great communication tools for managing roofing projects.

This technology is a great asset – our customers love that it keeps all the important communications and documents for their project one click away. Some examples of what can be done with our management software:

  • Allows for your quote/proposal to be sent to you and accessed with one click. This gives you all the information in writing, including the full scope of the project, the price, and other important details.
  • Gives you the option to electronically sign the proposal if you decide to move forward with Houston Roofing. It’s the fastest and easiest way to launch your project and keeps you in complete control of if and when to move forward.
  • We’ll add more important documents and communication as your roofing project progresses, including your warranty in electronic form. You can access it anytime – even years down the line if you need to.

Houston Roofing gives homeowners the security of knowing that all important documents are in one findable place. No more looking through files or stacks of papers to find the information you need.

Note: This technology is super easy to use, but if you’re not comfortable with using a computer, smartphone or tablet, please know that it is not mandatory. We can provide hard copies of all the documents at your request.

4 Levels Of Quality Control To Make Sure Your Project Goes Smoothly

If a roofing project goes poorly, the culprit is often a roofing contractor that doesn’t have the staff and resources in place to make sure that nothing “falls through the cracks.”

We’ve built 4 layers of project oversight to make sure nothing is missed and things go smoothly.

  • One, your project manager. He is available to you from start to finish and is responsible for making sure things go smoothly.
  • Two, our production coordinator in our office. She makes sure she communicates time frames and reminds you when installation day is coming up.
  • Three, the foreman of the roofing crew is there to make sure installation goes smoothly. Our foremen are good communicators and are experts at coordinating the installation team.
  • Lastly, our hands-on owner Jacey Gray is the final level, staying involved in constantly improving our processes and as a resource for homeowners as needed.

All 4 layers reinforce each other, each person on the team accountable to each other.

It is one of our Core Values to be ‘Accountable To A Higher Standard.’ We reject finger-pointing, excuse making, and sloppy work – that’s never acceptable at Houston Roofing. You can read more about this on Our Core Values page.

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