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In our experience, when homeowners call about a problem with their roof, what they want is pretty simple:

They want a Houston roofing company who will give them the truth about what their roof needs.

Homeowners don’t want a company to try to sell them a full roof replacement if the roof still has service life remaining and a repair will get the job done.

By the same token, homeowners don’t want to pay for a repair and then be surprised to find that a year or two later, they have to do a full roof replacement.

We have a straightforward approach at Houston Roofing & Construction: we’ll always give you a completely honest assessment of your roof and outline your options in a calm, professional way.

The Two Keys To Honest Roof Assessments: Knowledge & Integrity

To give a fully accurate roof assessment requires two things: knowledge and integrity.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable roofing team in Houston than us. One of our expert project managers will perform your assessment, a process that we take very seriously. We dig into the details – your current roof will be thoroughly analyzed so we can give you a recommendation you can trust.

Not only is every project manager fully trained and certified to perform roof assessments, but we take the process a step further by having our project managers as full-time employees. Most roofing companies sub-contract out this key position.

It’s not an accident that GAF – the largest manufacturer of roofing products in North America – has awarded us their highest level of certification, and also allows us to offer their top warranties. They have independently verified the quality of our roofing knowledge and skill.

Knowledge is crucial to honest assessments, but just as important is integrity.

The ‘Mother Test’

We have a quirky little saying here at Houston Roofing that says a lot about how we approach roof assessments. All our project managers are trained in this simple formula:

“If this were your own mother’s home, what would you recommend?”

That might sound a little corny at first, but it’s actually something we take very seriously at Houston Roofing. It’s meant to be a simple, straightforward way to always remind ourselves to do what’s in the best interest of every homeowner we serve.

After all, you’re not going to try to sell your mom a roof replacement if she only needs a repair!

Insurance Claims & Honest Assessments

Speaking of integrity, we’re also experts at handling roofing insurance claims, but we do it the right way.

We promise to NEVER:

  • Say you won’t have to pay your insurance your deductible (which is insurance fraud!).
  • Try to drum up demand for our services by knocking on doors and encouraging you to file a claim on your roof. (It happens!).
  • Get you less than you deserve from your claim, which can happen if a company does not understand proper documentation processes.

If you need an accurate assessment of an insurance claim for your roof, Houston Roofing is the right company to call. To discover more about insurance claims and roofing, please visit our Roof Insurance Experts page.

A Dirty Little Secret Of Some Roofing Companies

Some roofing companies hate roof repairs. They think it’s simply not worth their time or trouble and ONLY are interested in selling a new roof.

That’s fine, of course, but that should always be stated up front.

Instead, these roofing contractors will advertise that they do roof repair but are really only doing it as lead generation for new roofs.

We hear regularly from clients who have had multiple roofing companies inspect a problem with a roof tell us that we were the only one who recommended a reasonably priced repair – the other guys were recommending immediate replacement.

Now sometimes we will tell you we COULD repair it, but that you should probably replace because the roof is so close to the end of its lifecycle that a repair is virtually a waste of money.

But we’ll always – ALWAYS – give you our honest assessment of your true roofing needs.

One of our core values is Integrity, and we think every homeowner deserves an honest, fair assessment of their roofing situation. No games, no overselling, no recommending replacement when a repair will get the job done.

We’d be honored to give you a free honest assessment of your roof, including a quote.

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