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How Our Professionalism FAR Exceeds Most Roofers…
And Why That Matters To You.

Houston Roofing Can PROVE We Hold Ourselves To A Higher Standard

Did you know there are NO licensing requirements to be a roofer in Texas? That’s 100% true. You can probably guess what happens when there are no standards. It means most Texas roofers fall into one of three categories:

  • A guy who’s roofing “business” is his truck, a creased business card, and whatever crew of laborers he can rustle up for the job he sold.
  • Huge roofing companies with locations all over the place that descend on an area after a storm and go knocking door to door trying to create a demand for new roofs.
  • Average local roofing companies that do an okay job, but don’t really have any real training or education standards.

We Decided To Be Different From Typical Houston Roofers

Since there are no standards to call yourself a Texas roofer, any company that wants to be truly excellent has to set their own standards for professionalism. That’s exactly what we’ve done at Houston Roofing.

Here are some specific examples:

We are RCAT Licensed

There are standards set by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) – an organization that a roofer can join voluntarily. Reputable roofers join this association and adhere to its standards for licensing and we are one of those companies. You can read more about that on our RCAT page.

GAF Master Elite Certified

Here’s where we really start separating ourselves. GAF is the biggest manufacturer of quality roofing products in North America. They will only certify roofing companies who meet their exacting installation standards, and only the best roofing companies can offer their top warranties. (They can only warranty what they know has been installed correctly!). We hold the MOST ELITE certification that they offer. You can read more about that on our GAF page.

BBB A+ Rated

We are a fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintain their highest possible rating of A+. We’re proud to meet all the requirements to earn this grade and to always demonstrate the highest integrity. Read more about our BBB score by visiting this page.

Why You’ll Love How Your Roofing Project Is Managed

We’re proud of meeting all those standards, but there is something else that completely separates us from ordinary Houston roofing companies.

It’s the education, training, and quality of our project managers.

To understand how our project managers are different, you first need to know that almost all roofing compaines hire their project managers as sub-contractors. You can probably guess that most of the time this leads to high turnover, less company loyalty, and sub-standard training.

At Houston Roofing, our project managers work directly for us – they are employees. We treat them right, pay them better, give them benefits, and truly train them to be the best in the roofing industry. That’s how we’ve built a stable team of professional experts who have the best interest of the customer at heart.

You’ll Notice The Difference All Through The Process:

  • When the project manager first comes to your home for an assessment, it will be a fair and accurate assessment. If you only need a repair, they won’t try to sell you a new roof replacement.
  • Your project manager will be a point of contact for you all the way through the process. You’ll never be left wondering who to call if you have a question or issue.
  • We work only in the Greater Houston area, so we can focus on giving local homeowners are FULL attention. With other companies, project managers get pulled out of town or even out of state based on where they are selling the most jobs at the moment. Our project managers are not going anywhere – they will be with you from start to finish to make sure we ALWAYS deliver on our promises.
  • Our project managers are properly incentivized. Many times sub-contracted project managers are financially rewarded on the profit margin of a job. Again, you can probably figure out for yourself why that’s a problem. Cutting corners on materials and installation can save on costs for the roofer, and these sub-contracted project managers have a financial reason to do it cheaper. Great for them, terrible for you. We don’t incentivize our project managers to cut costs.

Why This Ultimately Matters For Your Roofing Project

Professional project management makes a HUGE difference in how a homeowner experiences a project and in the final results. If you have a sub-contracted project manager who can be called away to another location at any point, or has an incentive to cut costs, that’s not a recipe for a successful project.

At Houston Roofing, we have a stable group of professional project managers who work directly for us and always recommend what is in your best interests. They’re always there when you need them because we only work in the Houston area, and they’re incentivized to do their job right, not to take shortcuts.

Do we sound like the kind of Houston roofing company you’d like to do business with? You can get a free consultation and quote on a new roof or roof repair by contacting us.

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