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Chasing Roofing Jobs All Over The Map Wouldn’t Be Fair To Our Houston Customers. So We Don’t Do It.

We Choose To Stay Local And Focus ONLY On Houston Roofing Jobs

There’s a reason we’re named HOUSTON Roofing and Construction. The “Houston” part of our name is very important to us, because we are a truly local roofing company.

This makes us somewhat unique, as many roofing companies are willing to chase storm damage and roofing jobs all over the state, and even into other states. Some choose to have offices in multiple cities and others send crews out-of-state trying to hunt up more business.

Of course, any roofing contractor can choose whatever business model they like – it’s not for us to say how another roofer should do business. And just because a roofer is finding jobs scattered all over the map, that doesn’t automatically mean they are going to do poor work.

But we can tell you that we see 3 significant drawbacks for customers when roofers chase jobs everywhere.

Drawback #1

When a roofing company moves project managers and crews around from location to location customers don’t always know who they are dealing with. It’s not uncommon for the person that sold you the job and started managing your project to get pulled to sell and manage jobs elsewhere – and right in the middle of your project. We don’t think that’s fair to you.

Drawback #2

It leads to a ‘let’s get this job done as fast as possible and get on to the next one’ mindset. There’s nothing wrong with being efficient, but if you are constantly chasing jobs all over, there’s a strong tendency to see your customer as a dollar sign instead of a person to serve. It can often lead to rushed, sloppy work.

Drawback #3

Instead of doing a true needs assessment, a roofer is tempted to just sell the biggest job possible to every homeowner. If the only thing a company wants to do is go after insurance claims or they only want to sell new roofs, what if you just need an ordinary repair?

Our number one rule at Houston Roofing & Construction is always do what is in the best interest of our customers – NO EXCEPTIONS. We think these drawbacks would make it impossible to serve in our customers best interest.

You can read more about how we serve our customers by visiting our Honest Assessments page.

Serving Local Is Another Way We Stick To Our Core Values

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we have a set of core values we live out every day. The philosophy behind all our core values comes down to this: Always do what’s best for our customers – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our core values include integrity, accountability, professionalism, and making sure we’re the most knowledgeable roofers in the industry. Staying local allows us to remain focused on these values to the highest degree.

For more information about this, please visit Our Core Values page.

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If you’re a Houston homeowner who needs a roof repair or a new roof, we’re the local company with the highest professional standards and we deliver the absolute top results. We install GAF certified roofs that come with their very best warranty.

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