Manufacturer Certifications


For Your Own Protection, ALWAYS Choose A Company
Certified For Commercial Roof Work

If You Want Maximum Warranty Protection, Your Roofer MUST Be Certified

You should always choose a Houston Commercial Roofer who holds proper manufacturer certification.

This is because certification is the manufacturer essentially saying, “Yes, this company will install our products as they were meant to be installed and to our exact recommendations and specifications.”

Choosing anyone to work on your commercial roof who is not certified is asking for trouble.

Our Certifications With Commercial Manufacturers

The top commercial roofing manufacturers have certified Houston Roofing & Construction. Certifications we’ve earned include:

  • GAF Master Select Certified
  • Carlisle Certified
  • Duro-Last Certified

How To Get A ‘No Dollar Limit’ Warranty

Most manufacturers of commercial roofs will guarantee to cover all costs associated with a faulty roof as part of a “No Dollar Limit” (NDL) Warranty. It will be for a specified amount of time 10, 20, or even 30 years, and it will even cover damage that happens to other parts of the building caused by a defective roof.

But manufacturers will ONLY offer an NDL Warranty if the Houston commercial roofer who does the installation is certified by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will refuse to give you an NDL Warranty if they can’t be sure of the installation.

This is why our certifications are absolutely crucial. Always choose a company that can prove it meets the highest certification standards.

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