Can A New Roof Help You Sell Your House?

June 18, 2021

Can A New Roof Help You Sell Your House?

Though Houston is not known for its gentle relationship with Mother Nature, few residents even think of their roofs, much less repair or replace them, until there is a major problem. Of course, that isn’t the best policy and can lead to serious repercussions down the road, but what if you plan to move? Will a new roof help your selling efforts enough to make it worth the investment? The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes.

Curbed Enthusiasm

Homebuyers in the Houston area decide whether to tour a house either from the curb or via the web – by looking at images taken from the curb. The concept of curb appeal isn’t something a big box home improvement store made up. It’s real. And it can make or break your efforts to sell your home.

What was the first thing you noticed in the image at the top of this page? Yes, the roof. Your eyes probably slid right past it, but they went there first, and your brain said “Nice” and moved on to the windows, garage door, and the yard. You know, the parts that require the most attention and get the least.

The Wrong Kind Of Attention

What if the home had a few dozen raised tabs on the shingles, some minor staining, and maybe the lines were no longer perfect. Would your eyes slip past it then? No. They’d linger, and you’d find yourself studying that roof, looking for additional signs of trouble.

Even if you found nothing else, that unease would remain, and you would probably skip that house when you set your next home tour with your agent. You might not even remember why, just that there was something that you didn’t like. 

A Tale Of Two Roofs

side by side comparison of a rotten roof and a new roof

Above, we have two images of the same roof. The image on the left brings up all kinds of questions:

  • Is there any leak damage?
  • How’d they let it get that bad?
  • What other problems have been ignored?
  • How much hidden damage is there?

The left image screams neglect, and our minds will carry that notion throughout the entire house without bothering to find out if we are right. It won’t matter if the rest of the house looks great from the curb because roofs are just so big. And really, so important.

The image on the right brings up “Nice” and your eyes move on. Not “Amazing!” or “Wow!”, but it looks good enough that you unconsciously accept that the home looks properly maintained.

And that is enough to make a difference when you’re house shopping. Even if other parts of the house look a little worn, that perfect roof will allow you to consider other minor maintenance failures as merely a reason to negotiate.

New Roof Trends

Aside from just looking pretty, roofs have become a trending topic for sustainable living enthusiasts. New techniques and theories have come along in the last decade or so that can make your home more attractive to younger families than an identical home with a standard roof.

New Materials

Residential roofs now come in a variety of materials with new levels of efficiency. For example, cement tile and metal tile roofs are fireproof, last for generations almost without wear, and can decrease a home’s energy use.

New Methods

Roofs are now stronger than ever, often with less material. There is also a better understanding of how much venting is necessary for optimum lifespans, so modern roofs can last longer with fewer problems.

Dramatic Looks

Several products can replicate the looks of slate, wood shake, and other historical roof coverings at a fraction of the cost. From the street (or the curb, heh), it is virtually impossible to distinguish between a slate roof and an asphalt shingle designed to look like slate.

Cool Roofs

There is growing concern about the environmental effects of the up to 190+ degree heat radiating from the standard roofs in a neighborhood. Cool roofs are the popular answer to this problem, and you no longer need a light-colored and easily stained shingle or tile. Our understanding of solar heat has come a long way, and we now have solar-reflective asphalt shingles available in dark shades.

A New Roof = Easier Sales

Replacing your roof is like giving your home a facelift. It will look fresher and younger than it is, which will result in more tours of your home. Especially if your home buyers are focusing on an area with homes roughly the same age, which they will. 


Because today’s buyers shop for schools and services first, homes second. If they are looking at your home, it’s because they want to live in your area. If your home looks just 10% better than the other homes in the area, you will be able to name your price.

If you plan to sell your Houston area home and would like a leg up on the competition, contact us at Houston Roofing for a free inspection and estimate.

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