Houston Roofing And Construction Can Help You Maintain Your Katy, TX Low Slope Roof

June 20, 2023

Houston Roofing & Construction Can
Help You Maintain Your Katy, TX,
Low-Slope Roof

Everything You Need To Know About Keeping
Your Roof In Perfect Condition

Are you wondering if a low-slope roof is the right solution for your Katy, TX, home? Although they can create a more modern and stylish look, there are several issues you need to consider. Maintenance is essential if you want to extend the life of your roof and protect your home from water damage.

Choosing suitable roofing materials from the start can increase your roof’s longevity and reduce maintenance. Many options are on the market, but finding a suitable material for your roof takes expert advice.

Regular Inspections Are Necessary

Regularly inspecting your roof is essential for keeping your home safe. Especially with low-slope residential roofs – which are more prone to specific issues than pitched roofs – you must frequently check for damage or problems.

If you are uncomfortable performing your inspections, contact a local roofing expert for a free inspection and estimate.

Keep Trees Trimmed Back

Trees are one of a low-slope roof’s worst enemies. They can shed leaves that pile up on the surface, weighing them down and increasing the risk of a collapse. They can also hold water, which can penetrate your roof’s membrane and lead to damage.

Branches and limbs could also fall on your roof and puncture the roof membrane. Keeping limbs and branches cut back from your home will reduce the chances of tree debris falling on the roof and give you less mess to clean up.

Check The Seams Often

Your low-slope roof seams can become loose or cracked over time. If this happens, water and wind can get underneath the roof and cause damage. Checking your seams often will allow you to stay ahead of the problem. If you notice they are loose or broken, arrange for roof repairs to seal them promptly before any more damage occurs.

Keep Your Drains Clean

Your drains help move water from the roof and away from your home. If your gutters are clogged or not working correctly, the water won’t drain and will pool on the top, where it will eventually cause severe damage.

Flat roofs depend on their drainage systems because they do not have enough pitch to drain the water. That’s why cleaning your gutters and keeping water moving freely away from your home is essential.

Commons Problems With Residential Low-Slope Roofs

Understanding the issues with your low-slope residential roof can help you to watch out for them with regular inspections and to resolve them before they become more serious. If you are concerned about your roof’s condition, find a reputable local company to help you

Be on the lookout for common low-slope roof problems to keep your home and family safe.

Pooling Water

Residential low-slope roofs have little to no pitch, which makes it harder for them to drain water. If you are inspecting your roof, check for pools of water after the next heavy rainstorm in the Katy, TX, area. 

If you notice the water is still there after 48 hours, you may have a problem

The water should evaporate or drain from the roof rather quickly. However, if it pools in certain areas, it could cause the roof’s membrane to break down and make the roof more vulnerable to the elements. 


Blistering occurs when rain leaks under the membrane of the roof. The water evaporates when the roof is heated, but the gas remains trapped underneath the membrane. This causes it to swell and bubble or blister.

If the blisters are punctured by sticks or get so large they pop and rip open, your roof will be exposed to UV rays and rain.


The sun and heat can wreak havoc on your roof. If your roofing material is old or damaged, it may not be able to withstand the elements and could be easily damaged. Low-slope residential roofs have more surface area that is exposed to the sun as opposed to pitched roofs that have angles and sides that face away from direct sunlight during different parts of the day.

When a roof starts to crack, it’s a sign that the materials are breaking down and can no longer adequately protect your roof’s structure.

Excess Loads

Roofs are meant to bear the load of rain, leaves, and other debris, but Katy, TX, roofs with a pitch can also shed these things more quickly than low-slope roof systems. If your roof can’t clear excess water or debris, or if the weight of these things is too much, it can cause the roof to collapse or weaken some areas and make it easier for leaks to occur.

Missing Or Loose Anchors

Anchors help hold the roof in place. Over time, they can break down, fall off, or blow away. If the anchors are missing or damaged, your roof is no longer secure. If the anchors can’t hold it in place, it could be ripped off in a severe storm, making it more susceptible to damage when heavy rains or high winds occur.

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To improve your Katy, TX, roof’s longevity and to reduce the risk of water damage, you need the best quality materials available. At Houston Roofing & Construction, we pride ourselves on providing just that.

We offer premium materials so you know your roof will look and perform great for many years.

We also offer superb repair and installation services. If you are ready to improve the look of your low-slope residential roof, contact us to arrange for an inspection and free estimate by calling (832) 237–3737 to learn more.

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