Houston Roofing: Knowing When To Replace A Roof

February 4, 2020

Houston Roofing:
Knowing When To Replace A Roof

Roofs are constructed to protect the interior space of a home and are strong enough to endure harsh weather conditions and exposure to environmental elements for a prolonged period of time. Over time, most roofs are prone to a number of issues that can include everything from leaks to sagging. Paying for roof repairs can prolong the roof system, but there are a few signs that it’s time to replace the structure with the help of a professional.

Damaged Shingles

If the shingles on a roof become damaged or fall off of the structure, then it is certainly
time to move on from roof repairs to roof replacement. Some shingles may look bald or worn and can even become shiny when the fiberglass mat is exposed. This is an indication that the shingles need to be replaced. Roof leaks in Houston are common once the roof system has reached a certain age. Contact us today if you suspect you have damaged shingles because time is not on your side.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks that continue to develop in specific areas are also a common sign of prolonged wear and can cause extensive water damage in the home, making replacing the roof a more affordable option. Warped shingles, lifted shingles, and buckled shingles can be indicators of a roof system failure. Some of these problems are visible from the ground, but many roof problems require a roof inspection. Let the experts at Houston Roofing and Construction perform a free inspection and assessment of your roof today.

Flashing Issues

The flashing around the chimney and along walls may also be in poor condition due to wear from exposure to the elements. Flashing often consists of tar or cement on older homes and does not last as long as metal step flashing and metal counter flashing. These areas are critical to waterproofing the home and to the overall fitness of the roof system. Roof leaks are commonly found in these areas.

Repair Options for Houston Homeowners

Partial roof replacement can be a consideration for those who want to protect their home without having to replace the entire roof system. This is possible when damage is only present in a specific area of the roof. The warranty, however, on a partial roof replacement will be a small period of time as compared to the 30-year or 50-year roof warranties available with a total roof replacement. A Houston Roofing specialist can explain all of the options available to you; making the decision on how to fix your roof an easy one.

Ultimately, roofs should be inspected twice each year by a professional to ensure that the roof system continues to function well and maintains its waterproofing integrity.

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